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  1. I once used death call with 20% stun, boy, I was unstoppable. It's too op. Mage lost it's stun too, so it's fair.
  2. Ah, you just said now there are better alternatives, do you see the problem now? Why do I, a consumer of the game need to change to those alternative? Ripping money? If you pay me I would gladly do it but that's not the case in our server. We lack everything here from gold to mcoin items. Your one little suggestion is gonna effect a server. But nope just selfish peoples everywhere. I will keep on going. I have nothing with defensive skills, rugged hide got a little nerf but I am okay with it. Your seeker received a nerf on skill, not on base damage. Pretty deserving as their auto attack can reach 7k+ on damages. And that's just auto attack.
  3. I have no idea what are you trying to explain bro I am saying is magic maces should have damage amount like physical maces that would make me go with the nerf. Or else there is no need for reduction. If it's the PvP problem then I wouldn't care if they impose different value for PvP on skills. Absolutely unacceptable from my side because I am a pure magic chief and I can see how it will hurt my build. Which you folks would never understand. I don't like physical nor mixed build, so don't drag me in with the masses, I was fine as it was. But now, I am not.
  4. Well FYI, I use points on the skills you mentioned. So yeah drama, thank you
  5. Thank you for out pointing out that how weak magic spear is. These magic weapons are already weak in terms of their counterpart weapon wow Besides we are talking about dual wielding not 2h handed weapons
  6. And? Have you seen maces with speed stats? No! Even the physical build isn't reliable. (Literally, there won't be a build to call it perfect anymore.) Besides, since you don't wanna compare maces with maces, it's just the right reason to not agree with -30% reduction. I have been saying the same stuff for hours, magic build depends on it's damage for the skill to actually do something. There is 3 physical skills, and 4 magical. Meanwhile the pure physical Damagers have a quite of big damage skills. It doesn't make sense why magic has to go through this stupid reduction. Dual wield reduction was introduced because the physical weapons would have crazy damage without it (I am indicating the auto attack damage based on base damage) that's a lot and still is compared to it's counterpart mace who's magic damage doesn't determine it's auto attack damage. But that's not the case for magic maces. It's damage is already low compared to physical maces. Thus. I don't agree at all. Y'all are selfish, you keep blabbering about dual wield dual wield when you can't even figure out the root problem I am talking about.
  7. Bro, I told you before, magic maces has low magic damage value, it doesn't reach the same damage as well as physical maces, why should it receive -30% if it's weak in term of damage rather than physical maces. I believe dual wield restrictions were imposed because x2 physical weapon would let you reach 2k+ base physical damage. But that's not the case for magic maces. It's weak af itself. The nerf was convincible if the magic maces could reach the same damages as physical maces, it's a no from me. About this, yes, it's a damager class built for mass damage with mass damaging skills solely
  8. Oh and you will pay to me for switching my build to physical? If so, I would go change. My point was valid enough to not implement this stupid nerf. Dual Wield should only effect players who uses, x2 daggers, x2 sword, x2 axe. Since these are physical damagers, they damage output is already high. Elves are only crying because the only dual wielder who can use maces are chieftains. I would go with this nerf only if they increase the magic maces magic damages to of physical maces. There are only 2 dual wielders in legion side, chieftain being special you are crying much. While Sentinel have 3 or so. Now don't ask me why no one uses the weak dual wielders that's your problem, how would you feel? It died because it has no fan base because of stupid nerfs Unlike you, I want players to be able to rely on this build, because solely it's magic based character. Cutting off it's main ability, I mean why did they even make a magic based character in the first place? Aigrind will seriously force players to drain their money off them because of stupid nerf they need change whole build, no sorry, I would protest for my character any day, thank you. I already explained, it's magic damage doesn't determine it's auto attack damage. If the main reason for making magic build was it's damage, after the nerf, I don't see why people should stick with magic maces anymore, in fact why even magic build exist for chieftain in the first place? This gotta be a joke.
  9. Absolutely, since the staff users magic damage acts as auto attack damage, prove me wrong and I will stop.
  10. Dual Wield? Do you even know what that does? Reduces your DMG. Do you know that auto attack damages are based on physical damage of maces and not magic maces? Do you know that magic maces has magic damage value way too less than physical damage? So what's the point of reducing magic % on off hand if the damages are dealt from skills only? Do you even understand what I am saying? I got magic maces +10, do you know how much damage I reach with maces of lvl 32 only? Around 600 Do you know how much physical maces of lvl 32 reach? 1.2k Are you even reading this? The magic maces were bad to even begin with and they nerfed it even more; the previous rework of magic DMG on magic maces just became shit. I literally made good point, even a 7 year old would understand and get pissed. Also, it's never possible to reach the damages of physical maces with magic maces, magic build sacrifice on auto attacks, relies completely on skill.
  11. Just why? I mean the magic maces already has damn too low magic damage, it doesn't even come close to physical maces. And again, why are you comparing it to physical maces? Physical maces give you auto attack increase. Reducing magic damage on offhand would be the most stupid thing I would see in a rebalance. If you are full magic build chieftain, you are getting missed out on low attack damage and now with 30% reduction in magic maces, it will turn out to be worse for players who literally rely on skills to survive, guess what? Well the skills got nerfs too, I mean what do you even want? You introduced chieftain for aoe because we lacked aoe damages, now you are literally going back on your words, taking back the damages on aoe, while elves had it from start, mages, paladin and what not. I am not crying, I am angry because the only way you are determining the chieftain's ability is from PvP perspective, while on PvE it sucks, now it's gonna suck even more. One more thing I don't understand, how in the world a chieftain's magic damage is veryyy powerful without critical hit value at 40% The huge bursts of damage occurs cause the skills are doing critical damage. I mean look at a damn seeker, 7k+ DMG on auto attack, who are you joking with, I put all my heart in building the best magic chieftain but all you had to do was introduce a stupid proposal to destroy a year of our dedication into finding out ways to make a magic chieftain sustain in places. If it's PvP which is bothering them, then reduce the damage on the skill in PvP terms. It doesn't need to affect the PvE side of the gameplay. Besides, these AoE skills of chieftains already has players limits on how much players the skill will damage and that depends on where the skill points are being used. Yet, they are complaining about it, how childish. You are literally nerfing a character which has skills mainly based on magical damage. This is so stupid. Again, if you are going to complain that max critical hit % is easy to reach on chieftain, I don't care, reduce the critical hit value cat skill, I would still invest on critical crystals to reach max critical hit value, why? It's the damn reason chieftain can deal such damage but nope all you see that elves are crying because they can't target chieftain first.
  12. It works but only once (1/4) depending on what level your skill is Normally, if there are debuffs on you which are stacked then only some stacks of those debuff will be removed, 1/4 remove 1 debuff, so if you have 10 stacks of bleeding, only 1 stack will be removed and it will be reduced to 9
  13. It's like a skill that gives you buff when you combo different skills together. It's really helpful but honestly 1/4 is better because most of the stats are easy to max out on this class
  14. What kind of build do you follow and why? It would be nice if you could write out the advantages and disadvantages and do some comparison among this 2 build Mainly as I know, Physical Build is dependent on speed build while Magical Build is dependent on cooldown. I would also love to know what build is better in PVP terms keeping in the factor of 1v1 or Vs masses Recently, new talent system was introduced and it is providing an extra skill point, in what skill would you put the point on?
  15. I would honestly love if the dev somehow made a specific amounts of signs needed to amp weapon on each level. Honestly, the amping system is really bollocks, costs you huge amount of gold without a single guarantee, isn't this like a exploitation?
  16. Morelike, I want them to add more story to astral lab. I mean look at new lab, there is barely any story on how the aliens got here, where they came from etc. I think more room levels can be added to new lab, along with new main quest. I think the astral lab and new lab has the potential to create it's own side of story, like the last map from lab would be moon, in there, there will be new bosses and dungeon (I would definitely love lvl 30 version of kronus dungeon equips)
  17. This class is the total of all classes from legion and sentinel faction :p
  18. Noobs leave the server, we have been in this barren land and playing for over years.
  19. can I see your build in the warspear calculator?
  20. thanks alot bro. do you recommend cd pvp set for warlock?
  21. Can you recommend relics as well?
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