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  1. I think there will be a expert skill"Summon dead Warriors"in the near future (thats why we call them necromancer)..With that skill, yea necro can really do AoE damage (which is needed) Stay tuned...everything will be balanced Devs are surely seeing to this situation and will do some necessary action. As for now, u have some problem.. Change class..My lvl 20 necro killed 2 lvl 22 paladins
  2. Its not just abt necro.. And FYI..THIS TOPIC IS GETTING ON FIRE
  3. I think this topic is pointless. If u can play good, you can play anything
  4. Or both ^.^ Sir, players are completely aware of the situation.They just want cynosure by pointing out mistakes.
  5. I dont know what you guys have been thinking, but it had been while I had this idea. I searched the forum, but there was no such topic like this..So, here it goes We should have advanced skill controller for minion.There should be minion controller slot unlocked in the hotkey so we can control our minion. By clicking that option, we open 2 other slots (which contain the minion learned skills)..For example, I want to Use Merman's (Water Sprite) Holy Aura..I click the Minion controller button (which unlocks after summoning) and click the desired skill. To be noted, Heal skills cant be controlled.You cant control who to put skill on..If u click any healing skill, It will heal the Summoner not the other players(Actually you get anything to click on) Another thing which I can include in this topic is-Minion behaviour (suggested a lot of times) Behaviour consists of: -Rage Mode(will attack any enemy or mob near 4 yard range) -Follow Mode(Current system, follows the master and attacks if the minion is attacked) -Silent mode (Just doesn't attack if it is attacked, it will attack if the Summoner attacks) The above mode can be changed by the Summoner BEFORE SUMMONING. Minion behaviour can be seen with the type of crown they hold (floating over their heads) Red-Rage..Green-Follow..Blue - silent And, I really hope that new upcoming minions can use expert skills (one is base skill) Please comment, and if this post is found suggested before, delete it.
  6. Sorry. But this cant be possible in near future...It has been suggested repeatedly and denied
  7. Moderator, please pin it till Update announcement Opened "Question and Answer" -> When Update -> Median night -> Median update -> Halloween -> Waiting And so many topics Please pin FOR NOW (later delete it), or keep posting on this topic so EVERYONE CAN SEEEEEEEEEEE
  8. Warspear 101 quiz answers:- 1)No,it can trap 1player 2)No idea,but it is good skill for running,stopping immobilising.Thus,i suggest you to try it urself 3)Yep,Far but not too far..3-4 yards far(2-3yards sq. area of trap) 4) Cant help here 5) yep,you can attack the enemy and the enemy can use skills but the enemy cant get out of the trap 6)I cant understand wat r trying to say here 7)Stun lasts for a while,i dont think the stun stops after hit Hmm,sorry still not sure
  9. This means you have deep Lords and other rare craft gears??
  10. I can tell u why this isnt implemented...Firstly, people will send gifts and they will be stored in mailbox and not using any bag space.Even if u add a limit t othe mailbox, items should be in bag not in mails.I agree with the gold idea but items nah Secondly, It will be inconvenient to get gifts like this .
  11. me too...restoring connection and this message..I had this on my tab but on pc it works fine...Both use same network =.= how come this is possible?? Secondly,i want to draw attention to delayed messages and gifts..My quest items got sold 20mins ago and now im getting the fee... And dont say "It's not a bug "
  12. i know im in violation but I agree with Born..Your suggestions are awesome and some of them have been implemented(in a way or another) Give your best
  13. wew,good explanation ..Coulda been a physicist..jk
  14. I have lvl 4 bleeding (lvl 18 barb ,bleed dam-82)Still less damage than my bd lvl 16(ham dam-104) If u say, barb's bleed last longer.I agree with you. Still weaker than bd's ham Can u show ur bleed damage?? Show skill level and character phy damage too.I bet it cant be more than bd's ham of same level and physical damage
  15. Median night will be coming SOON, If you are not familiar with forum rules..Please read them.One of the rules is -PLEASE REFER TO EXISTING TOPIC AND POSTS. There are 7-8 topics about this...Only one is enough! Answer is not there???So hyper - exaggeration http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=117466.0 In addition, it will be released just in time..Dont worry
  16. From wat universe are you from?? O.O Stealth:Provides TEMPORARY invisibility to the rogue.It fails sometimes (opponent can see the rogue) I cant understand ur 3rd paragraph. No offence but I cant interpret bullshit And to be honest, every rpg donot need to be alike..there can be changes in storyline etc
  17. But butttt....it has less damage. ? Right??
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