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  1. Done. I feel like if that anime is incomplete.
  2. it's ws forum, we can give our opinion wherever the DUCK we want. if mecha isnt a mod on russian server there's not reason to bann him,that should be handled by a russian mod.
  3. I don't agree with the first one XD,but the 2,3,4 are ok.
  4. shity mobile device do it on pc only.
  5. Why did devs delete the music of the game again?
  6. Sure. Would you like to give me 2M ticks to get 1th place in arena:)?
  7. nice,but i still think that the suggestion about a hot dog costume is better.
  8. I don't wanted to say it.but im batman Did you win the arena reward?
  9. What about the new freezer? its black and blue or gold and white?
  10. Many ppl already suggested this before and devs just said ''What's the point of making ur enemy faction stronger?''
  11. Lol seduce,this topic wasn't the reason of ur banned acc.
  12. You don't like it? just ignore it and don't come here.
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