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  1. This might be outdated knowledge, but I just put many oppinions from many players around US and EU servers in one place, only some of the problems and the ideas I mentioned is mine, others came from other players that tend to complain about rogue every so often, and from what I heard hunters easily outdamage rogues in PvE gameplay. My rogue is lvl25 atm with 600+ dmg br set and several decent accesories, but for some reason I feel very weak compared to other classes, aspecially seeker and charmer. Both damage and tankiness wise Game makers do not provide any extra itemazation or sk
  2. The rogue has a long history in the game of Warspear. From being a pain to deal with before expert skills, to having stacking 100% dodge with absolute reflexes. Yet as the time passed rogue started feeling weaker and weaker. Now it reached the point where rogue is one of the worst playable characters in the entire game along with barbarian. To be honest it's nearly unplayable. Aspecially after the introduction of the new classes. Seeker took over the throne of stealth assasins and rogue was left in the dirt. The game itself is shifting more and more to elf favour, but I'll not get into wider t
  3. you always make the game as you like and not as the players want. fix and balanse the classes, make a new map, stop with the skylore, it's boring. Warspear is awesome, it just needs a little work and a small team of players, who would give ideas for everything needed. The game is pay to win, but that is more than ok if it's balanced, because it is so fun.
  4. where can I find all the character updates like nerfs and buffs, new skills and stuff like that??
  5. I stream warspear every wednesday for few hours, url twitch.tv/mortynx come join help out have fun ;P
  6. what classes are the best in this patch? what should I play and what should I avoid? I want to create a new warlock/shaman/druid/mage. what should I make. who can beat bladedancers in a 1v1. how good are rogues now? ty for all answers
  7. so 5.7 came out and I wanna know how good are rogues now, what duels can they win and what duels will they lose, what classes are better and what are worse. ty
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