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  1. I agree, but developer :cray: and topic already exits. Russel ever write this.
  2. they start to spam again :facepalm:
  3. My lands: the 1st MMO strategy than can outout real money from the game. Im still noob in here :lol: cuz i play 5 days ago. 5 day to got rank 45. :pleasantry:
  4. who care? lol u need learn more abt UK and US language
  5. MR X

    Gold bags

    I am poor and im agree, why? I wanna see 80% - 100% ppls leave this game when the system isn't balance again
  6. iresnort = motherland of montain clan cmpunk talk like kid
  7. in the spoiler, there is black hole
  8. PLEASE, Dont create suggestion that already exits!
  9. Proffessor Albert Einstein Thomas Alfa Edison
  10. MR X

    Gold bags

    im really agree O:-)
  11. he is preparing a new dancer. So, its reason why always restoring
  12. Q:Why every high lvl ppl gtg 1st island? A:They gtg help newbie :rofl:
  13. ya :'( i love black opss 2 story hypercam always crash like bandicam
  14. they create ep potion cuz suggestion from ppl. If developer found suggestion that can make a money, they will take it. everything become unbalance, u will see ws in the future, just for rich. So, carefully if u make suggestion.
  15. not 1st but zero 06-20-2025 A Newer World CORDIS DIE = JUDGEMENT DAY lol :rofl:
  16. i can do it without minion, play for enjoy
  17. Developer forgot one bug in the game, i dont see in here it will fix.
  18. set on low grapics to keep lag on battlefield 4
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