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  1. Make experience scroll so low lvl can lvl fast :D make x2 experience ;)
  2. wth i need this to fix i also encountered this spmming :/ please devs :/
  3. lmao and the only problem is i only have one device using hello????
  4. I cant log in my account something appear when i click my char. When i go online it shows slow network and keeps show restoring connection .what happen?can you please fix this kind of problem thanks to your fast action.
  5. Ok its clear to me now ;)
  6. Velze posting a kind if scam.please make an action before he scam other people thanks in advance for fast action.
  7. devs can you please fix the log in issue as soon as possible thank you . :)
  8. heres my entry hopeyou like it thanks . happy playing warspear :) ;D
  10. hahaha yeah you are right. but you play "KOTTAspear" too ;D
  11. yes i kow that. Thats why i take screenshot because i notice that. .i wish devs see my post. =)
  12. haha this guy make me sick lol all people post hes a scammer so i make an evidence after i screenshot he quick cancel the deal.haha that guy so idiot.haha
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