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  1. " you are ignoring this user. is exactly what it says when u post :lol:
  2. I asked this retard 50 times for pvp but yet thay say no its really sad and pathetic you can talk crap but cant pvp :rofl: you already know this is a kid or a women them are the only ppl who just talk crap but never do anything so sad :facepalm:
  3. if you want to know who i am go to pvp cave . If you think im a noob well your retarded i use mcoins i have a lvl 20 priest for your shamen hell i can use my ranger to kill a noob like u kid
  4. The duck is that sorry wong guy :crazy:
  5. No one is ever by that cave but ppl are always in nadir elfs pretty much are all over their side of nadir all the time
  6. yet you still can't speak the English language properly lol
  7. really try to learn proper grammar and go back to EU and stay there with the rest of them retards
  8. and you talk like a retard don't even know the English language Lol
  9. but really im done with you you're obviously like 14 so, arguing with a kiddy is, ridiculous
  10. who's the one talking crap? Who is the one who is the one calling me a internet creeper lol thats arguing retard but you wont pvp me just talk and dont call me baby like a homo and i wont call you gay leave this,post if u have such a problem communicating with people which you obviously have sending your mom's basement all day and i call u a kid because you are one you probably never go up if you can have a normal conversation with anyone and have to start arguments all the time and I wouldn't want to be your father who wants to live with that shame
  11. But really idk its just funny to think its people in the world who actually like to argue lol
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