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Block and Parry

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1 hour ago, ccreed said:

this is not my quesion


i meant that if i have 20% block and 20% parry, does this mean i have a 40% chance to stop a monster's attack? 


Precisely, but mind that this calculation works if you are fighting a monster that uses a melee-ranged attack, since these two statistics both work against them. 


Once you'll fight a ranged enemy of any kind, only the Blocking statistic will be taken into account (assuming obviously that you're wearing a shield) 



Answering your question - again - yes, what you said above is correct. 

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I will write this here, just in case. These are some "rules" .. afaik, they still apply to our current system in the game


    Each percentage increases the chance of success to dodge enemies attack.
    Dodge works for all classes.
    Each percentage increases the chance of success to escape enemies with melee attack.
    Parry works for all classes.
    ps: the chance of parrying is greater than dodging
    Each percentage increases the chance of success to block enemies attack.
    Block only works when using shield (tank class).
    ps: the blocking chance is greater than dodge and parry
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