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  1. please replay to this topic cuz its crucial for me and ty
  2. Are there going to be New level 28 heroic armor sets anytime soon?, eg nadir sets And can we expect them before horror event?
  3. Is there a level cap for hunting markosh and/or kronus lab bosses? Because many lvl 28 can already solo these bosses easily, and i think it is going to be unfair allowing lvl 32 to farm them cuz lvl 28 is going to be useless.
  4. can we expect lvl 28 heroic armors anytime soon eg. nadir sets? if yes, is it gonna be before or after the horror event?
  5. ccreed

    Block and Parry

    this is not my quesion i meant that if i have 20% block and 20% parry, does this mean i have a 40% chance to stop a monster's attack?
  6. ccreed

    Block and Parry

    Do block and parry stats build up with each other?
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