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  1. I figured out the dodge sometimes overlaps block, which makes them a useless combination. please change it so that block and dodge stack together because that is how it should be.
  2. just to make things clear there are two outcomes to this sinario, either: 1- that the relic has priority over the skill so that the relic will absorb 100% of damage while the skill effect will be idle until the relic's effect ends, which leave the skill with more damage to absorb, or 2- that the skill effect has priority over the relic's which means the skills effect will stay active with the relic's effect, which means the skill will deplete it's abilty to absorb damage making the relic useless.
  3. I have a warden with the skill guards spirit (at 5/5 with a relic of continous effect) so when the shielding effect is applied i can immidiatly use the skill again. I used on the skill a relic of physical blocking which absorbs phy dmg for 5 second which is similar to the affect of the skill but doesnt have a limit to the dmg it absorbs. when i use the skill a second time while the shielding effect of the previus effect is still applied and also get the effect of the relic, what i want to know is that i have 2 effects witch completely absorb damage, which is the effect with top priority that will absorb the damage? Because the effect of the skill is limited while the relics effect is limitless, and i dont want to waste a relic slot for a relic that is useless.
  4. Even though the skill does not have an attack limit, it still displays that the number of attack increase with the skill level.
  5. if warden will heal a ridiculously small amount of hp then you should remove the 1 second limit
  6. I have a level 28 warden, the 200k bosses in pelion will always resist my stun skill. The skill is 1/5 btw, do i have to level up the skill for it to work? And you said bosses are an exeption, does that mean bosses will always resist the skill? If not is there a chance for the skill to work? And if there is a chance how do i improve that chance? Please answer my questions one by one
  7. i think triying to limit the warden's reliance on thoughness is essencial since its unbeatable, but have you considered that it does little to no damage wether in pvp or pvp. I as a warden user always depend on other players to deal damage. A warden cannot win against a player that heals or has life steal. While a damger can solo kill a boss in second a warden will take hours, even healers can kill a boss in a considarable amount of time. I think energy consumed every time the warden heals is a good idea Because the warden now can consentrate on other things other than maxing out it's defence and hps, but 10 energy every second is a bit overthought, i can't see this working any way i think about it or try to calculate it. maybe also increase the warden's damage (for the sake of "balance") if the change you are going to make to it's skills is inevitable.
  8. How can i know if a monster is going to parry or resist a skill i use on it. Does it compare my level to the monster's level, or does it depend on the level of skill, or my accuracy?
  9. please replay to this topic cuz its crucial for me and ty
  10. Are there going to be New level 28 heroic armor sets anytime soon?, eg nadir sets And can we expect them before horror event?
  11. Is there a level cap for hunting markosh and/or kronus lab bosses? Because many lvl 28 can already solo these bosses easily, and i think it is going to be unfair allowing lvl 32 to farm them cuz lvl 28 is going to be useless.
  12. can we expect lvl 28 heroic armors anytime soon eg. nadir sets? if yes, is it gonna be before or after the horror event?
  13. ccreed

    Block and Parry

    this is not my quesion i meant that if i have 20% block and 20% parry, does this mean i have a 40% chance to stop a monster's attack?
  14. ccreed

    Block and Parry

    Do block and parry stats build up with each other?
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