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POLL: Spear vs Sword+Shield

Which do you like more?  

33 members have voted

  1. 1. Which do you like more?

    • Spear
    • Sword+Shield

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Sword+shield all the way. Just make sure you got 20%+ crit and it will make up for the lower dmg and dont forget it swings 2 times fatster pretty much.


Nothing is more beautiful then to see a dodge/parry/block tick up in yellow over your head knowing you just evaded a hamstrring :D


my gear is still low amped, but when I hit 18 def is going to get a good push. I also need to get sword amps up later.


dont underestimated pvp-tankers (barbs too) with right build they can be hard to crack.


and btw threads of darkness can make or break a dk. You need to use it wisely, the times I waste it at a bad time the fight gets twice as hard.

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Ill vote for sword + shield i got still crappy arena shield but my [+6acute blade] is pure ownage few days later i was bored with my dk and went to elfs side then i got to maraksha and planned to troll hunters, no one were there  :fool: :cray:  then i went to succubus and fireater there were one 15lvl and two 13lvls  :yahoo:  took them down like this  :lol:

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I actually prefer arena shield as my first pick. Heroic got +0.7% block (with enchant) compared to warrior shield, but hp-reg stat can never compare to resi stat. My opinion :)


btw is heroic crazy expensive, you can amp full +7 or +8 for the money you get a plain heroic shield. I was thinking of heroic, but when I found out what people want for them - im good lol.

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actually I 'm using spear.

Yes , it 's slowly But using second skill you stun + double attack (mine is 400 +250 normal atk), Then i use shield  skill and first Atk skill (i have 500+ physical damage )...So Even if I don't crit i take 1000k since of my enemy hp.Just imagine when i do critical.

But what about spadone?Legi use it,and he rocks...


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