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  1. *Pliskin - If your rogue is really level 7 would u like join my "party" in trying to level up Sorry guys. I know this is off topic
  2. Dragon


    On what server? :yahoo:
  3. Him and mariosh scammed me out of a lvl 13 ranger -- with full 13 gears except bow.
  4. Dragon


    I want to make a warlock. However i do not know whether i should play EU or US. The problem i find is that mc own elf in eu but i know more people on Sapphire. If i was to make it on eu would anyone help me :cray:
  5. However, over time i have noticed certain things: 1. Elfs selling things in market have become more expensive ---- (btw i got a abyss zealots mace for my lvl 13 pally at 5k ;D ) 2. Mc/Forsaken are becoming more helpful/united --- Helping with chainless and other bosses, killing elfs and having a good time
  6. I vote spear. More damage and has dark magic. However it does depend on the situation im afraid. Sword+Shield --- Mainly tankers or pve Spears --- PvP, Arena
  7. :facepalm: I cant be bothered to die over and over at swamps. Plus i haven't completed chainless :cray:
  8. Same here. EU is always empty cannot be bothered to quest by myself on an empty server
  9. My warlock is called twoshadow -- hes level 4
  10. Can my warlock or dk join
  11. [email protected] Prrrrrr One of the best fake eamils i have ever seen
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