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  1. *Pliskin - If your rogue is really level 7 would u like join my "party" in trying to level up Sorry guys. I know this is off topic
  2. Dragon


    On what server? :yahoo:
  3. Him and mariosh scammed me out of a lvl 13 ranger -- with full 13 gears except bow.
  4. Dragon


    I want to make a warlock. However i do not know whether i should play EU or US. The problem i find is that mc own elf in eu but i know more people on Sapphire. If i was to make it on eu would anyone help me :cray:
  5. However, over time i have noticed certain things: 1. Elfs selling things in market have become more expensive ---- (btw i got a abyss zealots mace for my lvl 13 pally at 5k ;D ) 2. Mc/Forsaken are becoming more helpful/united --- Helping with chainless and other bosses, killing elfs and having a good time
  6. I vote spear. More damage and has dark magic. However it does depend on the situation im afraid. Sword+Shield --- Mainly tankers or pve Spears --- PvP, Arena
  7. :facepalm: I cant be bothered to die over and over at swamps. Plus i haven't completed chainless :cray:
  8. Same here. EU is always empty cannot be bothered to quest by myself on an empty server
  9. My warlock is called twoshadow -- hes level 4
  10. Can my warlock or dk join
  11. [email protected] Prrrrrr One of the best fake eamils i have ever seen
  12. Yes you do. Anonymous Clan - Legionn ABN (Assholes by Nature) - Rapeme/Putang
  13. Call em as you see em. P.S Every comment you write now, I guarantee at least one person will be checking for your grammar
  14. I dont need a gf in-game. I quite content with my friends on elf and especially mc
  15. How about the option to choose how many sets of signs you want to sell for in market instead of money E.G Instead of selling for like 140k you can sell for 140 sets sign
  16. Just yesterday some bd commented in trade chat asking --- " who wants a girlfriend pm me". As a joke i replied as i was bored. It turned out that her party was full of other people who wanted to be her boyfriend. She had devised a set of questions/challenges/tasks to see if any of them were worthy. I will now tell you the tasks Task 1 --The last person to meet me in t4 was eliminated Task 2 --- If we went on a date what would we do? She had eliminated 2 people then. Her last question/s were -- " Do you trust me?"... I said yes
  17. Hey , Welcome to the dark side... :yahoo: Feel free to contact me in game. Maybe arena partner, maybe friend who knows....
  18. Watch Out Guys --- my Warlock is coming
  19. Can my deathknight or warlock join the arena team
  20. Im a lvl 14 rogue. Can i join
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