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  1. The question is "Which of them is your favorite to use?". Please don't answer "it depends on the situation". The question is simple.
  2. Anyone knows how to use swype as input with s60v5 phone??
  3. Is there any feature in game like a locker? Because I admit I have a lvl1 character and use it as a storage for my items. And so if there isn't any other storage I voted NO to this poll. And the use of another account as a storage is good too because you can put different e-mail and password to it.
  4. Basta daw pinoy in-game mayabang, siguradong may mura sa chat, non-sense kausap, walang manners. Ano ba? Pati mga walang ginagawang masama nadadamay! Pero may nag sasabi din na ok naman daw ang mga ibang pinoy. At yung iba naman talagang nakiki jamming pa sa pag-mumura at pambabastos. Totoo ba? Expected reply: "PUTANG INA MO"
  5. I use C5-03 S50v5 phone. And i cant use the phone's default input method to type in-game.
  6. Dear Devs. Please make an option to choose what kind of input will be used in typing. It is really hard to type with a small screen phone so please make default phone input method to type. Please. :cray:
  7. Anyone knows how to use swype as input in a S60v5(Symbian) device? :cray:
  8. Please remove warspears current text editor because it is so hard to type. Please make it our phones default keyboard.
  9. Thanks! A very helpful tip! :drinks:
  10. Any tips for Pros/Cons of different Skill Set Ups?
  11. How to change current server? before on v1.9 you can change server when connecting. Is it possible to change Server?
  12. Can anyone post a list of rouge skills and info please? something like their damage, duration, and cooldowns. And how many percent added when leveling them up. thanks!
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