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New weapon ideas


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ok warspear has closerange, and long range wepons right? well  i suggest a "swinging weapon" :blush: . Something like and a medieval flail :dirol: . or make make it possible to add a chain or rope that you can attach to the bottom of a one-handed weapon to add range :yahoo: , or add to spear to create a throw, pull, throw attack type :dirol: . also when the enemy gets close to the player they have to stop throwing and resume close range combat :blush: but attcks r slower bc the rope/chain hinders faster movements :cray: . also we should also add a handtohand combat technique, such as tae won do, and kung fu :aggressive: .

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Опубликованное фото

Flails would be good, but they would end up as resprited 1h hammers.


i hope not that would be a major buzz kill btw nice char there :dirol:
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Missile, sniper gun, ak-45, BMG machine and moltov  :rofl: , modern warspear coming  :yahoo:

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After doing analytic all MMO games only warspear with stupid melee skills, i browse on google all melee class have a range skills and speed to cach and avoid enemy.

Rogue: throwing poison, suriken, moving speed

Paladin: holy cross, grand cross

Barbarian: Hurricane, cyclon slash,

BD: Daggers swing

Look this video, its from dragon nest online: mage vs warrior

mage win

warrior win
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Haha, i love these funny people  :rofl:

Bazoka and machine gun for ranger  :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:


This is a very nice idea, people use maces and swords, rangers use machine guns!!
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