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  1. warlock has 0.8 sec on every skill level while druid has more than 3x sec on root on each level, unfair.
  2. instead of failing position now warlock has shortest stun duration
  3. Haha... Warlock is now weak against any other ranged class, especially druid. Take a look! Dark circle duration vs root. It's like root has 80% longer duration than circle, lol
  4. Using superhero suits, characters of games and movies are prohibited. How shame that Developers break their own rule by copying hero suit from another game/movie, it's abviously Assassins creed and Warspear should be disqualification from MMO, shame on you...
  5. Hello, i just wanna say that in Ancient OL have perfect feature in action such like player invitation. When someone inviting other player, the player will get a small party icon on the screen like a mailbox, just click the right softkey, the player will open the invitation pop-up. So, warspear still needs huge improvement that on Ancient OL is already perfect mmo.
  6. Hi reaper, don't be negative thinking please... If i comment on my own thread, is it problem for you? I think it's my right. And about spamming, i just let you know that mine is the worst of all, so don't worry bro.. I'm happy once Snorlax appreciates my hard time designing even if i gotta lose :(
  7. What is that smite bro? Btw ty for visiting and baby please don't cry...
  8. Important question, if removing level 1 char so that account will be removed too? How about an account has 3 chars: level 20, level 1 and level 10? Will the level 20 be removed too?
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