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" New Class Suggestion Contest " - free for all


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Ladies and gentlemen! Most of us have one or two class suggestion on our mind. What if there is a contest that will approved a class suggestion? Will it be a great chance to show off the imagination and plans in our playful mind?


1. The contest will be a free for all. Repeated class name is allowed but the overall copied from name to its skills will result to an entry disqualification. Ofcourse the class entry should be original and should have 40-100% uniqueness from other entries or else will be treated as copied entry or let the devs decide if its copied or not.


2. Like the other class suggestions the class equipment limitation will be specified same with the skills from the basic skills up to the expert with the same count with the experts that are available for all the existing class at the present.


3. The entry must be creative and allowed to provide graphical references for the class suggested for example how will the skills will look if used or the icons will be displayed for the skills. Its up to the one who will suggesting what he will do to make his entry more interesting by uploading additional allowed references decided by the devs.


Now tell me whats in your mind for this topic. Is this a turning point for the game or a stepping stone to its improvements. Let me know.

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Please guys..no more classes.. you don't even explore the existent classes to get its best performance lately.

I haven't see new guides regarding the classes in a very long time and so much has changed in the past 2 years..


You have really nice classes in game already, let's put a bit more effort to understand and dominate your class and you'll love to play with it.🤺

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