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Fullscreen mode?



So i noticed that Warspear is getting a fullscreen mode because of Steam relese, and i got a chance to test it on test server, however i forgot to test few things that bother me, and i hope devs will be able to help me here.

This was not the first time i played Warspear fullscreen mode, by using a third party program called Auto window menager i could make game fullscreen (with borders). A while back a made a video about it if you wanna check it out:


Anyway, this program did not just extend the game and made it look worse, it actualy solved the problem pretty well. However there was a fatal flaw... Games detection of your position, and position of other players was completly broken, i could be as far as 4 spaces away from Seal and still be "inside" it, i saw rogues jump from across whole arena to hit me, i saw bladedancers use hamstring from across the map. It was so bad i never used it if i was doing Seals arena or going in Dungeons. 


Now my question that i hope devs will answer is will the Fullscreen mode they plan to add work properly. Will it also break detection of yourself and players, or not?


Little side topic here:

Why not give us sound files so we can edit them the way we want?

Maybe i wish to change horror theme with some dubstep, without having to turn music down to 0 and play what i want on youtube.

Giving players option to edit game toward their imagination is always a good idea.

This was inspired by seaing a topic while back about people want to edit starting screen, or make hotkeys be on the left or right, small stuff like that that will make the game more personal.


Thanks for reading!

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The fullscreen mode works well. Didnt have any issues with that other than it popping back to windowed mode when pressing alt+tab.

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