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Ranger elf x Ranger mc


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Again ranger elf being devalued, the ranger of the mcs are op pvp with stun skills at long range and being able to stun even healers, now ranger elf, scatter elf has to be almost melee and cage only holds the enemy on the spot, the Which makes it half useless against heal, could by dispersion as common stun and The cage precludes the use of skill


Sorry my english any mistake

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Ranger can be very good on PvP and arena but there are not many good ones, they also need some changues on outdated skills like scatter or useless ones like bitterness, or just minor general buffs. On PvE ranger is a bit better than hunter, just like every other elf and chosen class


Hunter is just dumb PvP, a warlock without the need of aim circle lol (and with more AoE damage) no skill needed at all :pin8:  and their skill roation combo is kinda easiest since you dont cast anything and wont get bug position, you just spam keyboard.


For me they look too boring and lame, on EU most hunters are just rich noobs that still die on arena often. Just make their stun 7 yard and able to do damage already, it wont surprise me :panda8:

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