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Moonlight Greatsword!


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So i have noticed that Technocraft Estoc looks same as Moonlight Greatsword from Dark Souls trilogy.

techno2.png OcDPgAw.jpg 11-GfI36dF.jpg maxresdefault.jpg.


Now why i post this in suggestions,well im a very big fan of Dark Souls having played all 3 games 10 times each and Moonlight Greatsword is one of my favorite weapons.Okay but what does it have to do with this game?


Well when i saw it i got rly sad because looks so awesome and i cant have it because i play necro and not tank class to use it.

So i suggest adding it as a skin for staffs.


Now i know you are all like "wow hold on a sec mate.it would look very stupid if you use magic with 2h greatsword" and i know it may look little silly but wait there is a good reason to add it as a skin because in Dark Souls Moonlight Greatsword does (wait for it.....................................) Magic Damage.

Yes you heard it,it doesnt do phys dmg only magic so why dont have magic users use it in warspear? :D

If somebody on forum says devs cant do it because licence or copyright shit il just point at them and laugh because its allready in the game as tecno estoc.

 And i forgot to add that Moonlight Greatsword has a special attack 54368-3-1401085456.jpg.

This attack basicly shoots out magic in form of blade wave,so if in warspear people ask how you can cast magic out of 2h sword i just say its called blade wave special attack :D


Tnx for reading! :)

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It's techincally the tail of Seath so a name like "White Dragon Greatsword" would be a perfect. It would be a great skin for spears too.

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Spears and hammers have mdmg, some atleast.

Hammer & Spear skins for casters!


Silly, but nice to meet a fellow dark souls fan. :D As for myself, I'd really appreciate if we had scythe

skins that look like the storyteller scythe, pontiff knight scythes don't look bad as well.

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Can i has some Dank Souls with my Warspears? Thank you. :friends: Where's my Soul Geyser skill for necros i suggested a long time ago already. :aggressive:

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