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bann that bastard plz


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it happen to everyone...find a way to pay him back :diablo:  or good talk and farm together :drinks:

i suggest to farm together since the real enemy is the opposite faction :good:

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I did that a few days ago. Some idiots that had been at sea farming a long time, wouldnt invite a lowbie that needed the quest.  That was grounds enough for me to head over there and steal the boss from the selfish ppl.

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yup.. dont be greedy.. farm together with other player is better.

LOL. He was watching me killing boss for a long time and he didnt say anything.

When the boss started to get low on hp he suddenly started to overheal ...

+boss steal

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so lets say ban Mydog for example..

i think worst enemies r same faction

mcs r best bcouse i can play with them and kill them

and sometimes ( :bad: ) get killed..

and its such clear relationship..

i luv U



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