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  1. Don't need a screenshot. the sntire server knows you hide in your same spot in caravan, until a group heads out, then you assist. never will you go out alone.
  2. Hmm, I distinctly remember just killing you awhile ago when you tried to escape, and you have a mage with you near caravan. Keep lying noob
  3. You can download PAINT.NET and use that. It has more options than The Standard Windows Paint program. Google paint.net
  4. That's a lie. You run every single time I am near Caravan solo. Even when u have help (which is always)
  5. Anyone know of any suck players that use a health pot one screen away from their rez? Especially when fighting one person. Tpain, Abbozoa, PVPrange, Brednor come to mind so far.
  6. Tannex

    ranger pvp

    AMP vs AMP fight? lulz
  7. Only for you though :) Once infected, it will show hundreds of PVPRange avatars hopping across your screen.
  8. Tannex

    i quit

    YW. I haven't quit. I come on and solo gank on elf land now.
  9. Tannex

    i quit

    Good lucky. YOu forgot to mention me for gearing you up when you were a lowly lvl 9 :)
  10. Thought the topic said "Best Cross Dresser"
  11. What do you mean stack? I usually go solo.
  12. Watcha talkin bout Poley? :)
  13. I was referring to the holding a cig as being attractive.
  14. Where did my name come from? Funny thread though Manley lol
  15. grats you two. Maybe one day my toilet picture will get an honorable mention lol
  16. Haha funny pic. Looks like you guys had even numbers. When I go, it's usually me against that whole group XD.
  17. Bro, nice pontytails! XD
  18. You can't put the duels in pvp cave as a means of ranking, since amp plays a part. Only the best know how to avoid multiple enemies and pick them off one by one. Try solo ganking on enemy land as a real means of skill. A shaman can beat two lvl 20 rangers with amped bow and 5 in blessing easily, if you use skill. Screen switching at the right time plays a part of skill. you are a moron and lack skill if you don't screen switch and just stand there while two rangers wail on you.
  19. perez, you forgot to post the video of mc holding elf bridge for over 40 minutes lol
  20. Oh he knows I'm messing with him. Where you at Sapp? I'm up for some ganking!
  21. Bro, you sure you and Lallous aren't twins? ;D
  22. No, I've only really switched for a few people to call them out. I would have remembered your name.
  23. sorry you have me mistaken for a kid. I don't call girls ugly. must have been someone else Saphire. I only switch on to my D when I want to call out one person in particular for potting near their rez statue
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