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  1. ;D mangkenye nunggu update open level aj skalian..update2 kyk gini gk mutu :facepalm: nampong sign dolo :crazy:
  2. im newbie jg..mohon gold nya..eh bimbingan nya ::)
  3. sorry guys.. im bring back this topic.. NEWBIE..please read carefull this topic.. so many IMPORTANT posting from high lvl u need to READ and UNDERSTAND!! be a good player.. *so many annoying newbie now :facepalm: *for "someone" out there, hope u read this.. and this .l. ;D .l.
  4. i suggest u use 2 device if possible..
  5. color : black, red and gold note: costum not effected the hair style of the character.
  6. -make minion permanent. -when they die, make them respawn for 30 min, 1 hour or 24 hour maybe. if player want respawn it quick, use some scroll from miracle shop. -make "call - dismiss" option for minion -make minion upgrading system same as amplying weapon n gear, for example; -> use minion sphere deffence + sign for improve they deff & minion damage sphere + sign for they attack -> max is +10 minion ability thats all
  7. MERDEKA!!!! :drinks: :friends:
  8. same happen to me, and my other char still dont get the chest. :facepalm:
  9. i hope so, we just dont know the way they (dev) think ;D
  10. its going bald like me ;D btw, do you guys think the minion will be permanent or not? when i see the minion scroll thing, maybe they going to make the minion can be killed and die, so they will make us to buy another scroll again and again if we going to get minion :search: just maybe ....
  11. never write a story before and my english is sucks. i write this only 15 min ;D just for fun not for winning ;D pls leave a comment, :drinks:
  12. ~~Old Rogue Tale~~ This is a story of an old rogue who left his born village to avenged the dead of his brother and friends. he travel the Norlant swamp to Kotaravva Blood, scream, pain and tears not make the old rogue step back. His will has been settle on his burning eyes and freezing heart, only 1 thing on his head and mind. "HHYYDDRRRAAAAA....I WILL CUT YOUR HEAD AND EAT YOUR HEART!!! I SWEAAARRRR!!!! AAARRRGGHH" scream the old rogue every night when he woke from nightmare. One day the old rogue arrive at hydra place, he prepare his gear and his shining dual doomsword. His heart and anger are ready for battle that he looking for. He stand in front Hydra cave and ready to put the hydra bait, and then he heard something coming.. "yeaahh, five of us is enough to kill that hydra" said one of them. "elf!? and chosen!? what are they doing here?" the old rogue ask for him self. the old rogue hiding and wait for what are the elf group coming for. "hey, look around, make sure no other else around here" said an elf with shining staff on his hand. "i think it's just us around here" two handed sword elf says. "if any mountain clan or forsaken rat around here, we just kill it like before" the man with hammer talk. "ahahahaa, you right. remember when that young rogue with my arrow on his forehead?'' said the ranger with a rondel knife on his waist. that rondel is belong to the old rogue's brother. he recognize it very well. "they so weak" said the man with staff . "wahhhaahahaaa!!" all laughing. and the old rogue's hand start shaking, tears fall, heart pain and burn, his anger is burning. when the ranger put the bait..the old rogue stealth and kill 4 of them and leave the ranger alone. "oke guys prepare your self, hydra meat for dinner!!!" the ranger command his group. "Druid, Give me Heal and protect"!!! the ranger in front not realize what already happen to his company. "how about i give you hell hydra?" the old rogue said. "what!!! how!!??" the ranger surprise. "DIE AND TELL YOUR COMPANY IN HELL THAT AN OLD ROGUE KILL YOU ALL!!!" The old rogue cross his dual doom in front his forehead and start running to the ranger. the ranger attack with rain blessing arrow and step back leave trap on the ground. "DIE YOU OLD ROGUE BASTARD!!! shout the ranger. the old rogue still stepping forward, his feet step on the ranger trap, but the anger is burning him. with bleeding all over his body, the old ranger use his stealth and then he is already behind the ranger, the dual doom sword is on ranger's neck. "not today!" the old rogue whispered on the ranger long ear. "SLAAASSSSSHHHH.........!!!!" the elf head fly from his body. the old rogue take the rondel form the dead ranger and smile. tears start to drop. he walk to the big stone and stab the rondel and his dual doom on it. he smile and feel the pain vanish from his heart. he headed his head up to the sky and ... "brother...." "SSSRRAAUUGHHHH!!!!!!" ... ... The Hydra going back to the cave. "EERRGGHH....!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  13. spaammm...pamm pamm pam :drinks:
  14. Hitmen


    aahh..yes. my bad.. sorry ;D
  15. Hitmen


    just to let newbie know... there is an option that only leader can see and set it. its a tax.. so the ldr can set the amount of gold to be taken from member/day. just to let u know :) *carefull to greedy guild leader ;D
  16. ahahaa..finally... berengar the tower...i suggest this tower long time ago ;D nice work dev..hope this interesting :drinks:
  17. salam kenal..ane baru ;D mohon gold nya..eh, bimbinganya :drinks:
  18. maybe the quest is hard, even for lvl 20 ;D and for lvl 15, must rise they lvl first ;D just like sixshadow, 1 party with all lvl 20 still get a pain like hell to finish it ;D
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