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  1. hi, i have that on my mind long time. pop-ups. its getting worst with evry each update. 1. when you log into arena sometimes pop-up window pops up offering you deal of some pots. since the lag is almost one second, it may happen that you buy some just by mistake. - you may say - its part of the game and you must be aware but, do we are really supposed to fight not only enemies but user interface as well? when i buy some miracle coins i tell you im not happy when i spend them on something i dont need just because a missclick. 2. when you die in arena again pop-up asks you whether u want to revive. confirmation is placed on area of skill shortcuts so it happen to me pretty offten that i revive unwillingly while i would like to watch the fight to the end. 3. in tower or similar locations where stamina is used. again - button with "no" is placed on area where you click on skills. it seems to me that the UI copy somehow logical structure of old cell phones with buttons. many things changed within years but still, these pop-ups are like residue. please integrate the confirmation dialogue into pop-up itself ( ad *1,*2,*3 ) 4. pop-up bidding my daily gift is something unnecessary to me and i find it annoying. 5. information of any kind that appears on the screen which also appears - faster - in info channel only mess. for several seconds you can't see anything but letters. please reduce that or better completely remove. info channel is enough. 6. anything of this kind i can't recall right now... -- generally i think game is developing nicely. i understand that developement and the service cost something. when game needs more money then why miracle shop itself is rarely updated ( insted of tricky pop-ups - yes it happend several times and i was angry ). there is plenty of things you can think of that would be worth to purchase. e.g pots, scrolls, minions you dont loose with your death. some ideas: a) train your own minion. you can call him out on certain circumstances and you have to feed him, equip him, whatever. B) new skill panel with long period skills - similar to what minions do. maybe based on collecting ingredients. c) emotions. not only for fun but maybe somewhat useful in combat, when there's little time to write something up in chat. d) i was allways annoyed with running more charcters but allways running plenty of them same time. why not to study more then one class with one hero? changing the proffesion should be allowed only on specific locations in peace mode. e) add enemy list. f) what i dislike the most is hatred between two factions. its, offcourse, matter of people's lowness at first place, but impossibility of direct comunication between factions only helps such low and boring emotions. on the other hand its hard to invent any vital solution in faction vs faction system. still, opposition is relationship. unless enemy can talk he is only a thing. i dont want to play with things but with people. g) mobs everywhere. generally i would enjoy wider map much more and places which are not so hevily occupied with animals which bite. most interesting for me is fight using my skills, not winning and loosing by only chance which happen way too often. and it makes arinar look like kind of zoo. h) new arena locations - why not, only that its on behalf the classic which is still the best - clean field and your skills. maybe to classify arena into 2 or 3 types by the design. and many much more...
  2. Same here. Mage is slow. Similar to shaman's earthquake. I never can do it in time against bd's hamstring. But mage is slow in all aspects except fire ( first skill ). I'd like to know whether is that intentionally or just any kind of processing failure as mentioned above. I dont believe that the problem is on my side. My PC is low but still... Maybe its because mage would be OP when faster.
  3. ok.. there is no reason to think of complete remodeling of the game.. just less accent on boss hunt itself (like slots) and yet more diversity.. see how arena is popular..
  4. Hi, I have read some suggestions regarding cyclic changes: weather, quests.. and some regarding the camping problem... For me boss hunt is bit boring but still its needed... I think to add some new bosses wouldnot harm, but more: Let the bosses come alive, like changing locations: it will res on other place. Let them attack our cities (when they get in mood).. in that case the boss will strengthen eminently and also drops will change. I think it would be great to add more sets for all lvls. Something like that so boss-hunt boredom is gone.. no allday camping by just bit harder mob waiting if it drops and then be angry that it drops for newbe who needs qst. Marakasha can res everywhere on meadows. Sometimes it turns so mad that only the strongest ones from server can kill it, and it won't stop until they do that. Dinalt can come round to attack the Citadel changed to utter beast. and so on.. but allways depends on its "mood" which should be changing, this should not happen allways or too often ofcrs
  5. Slowly.. I think thats what makes this game unique: u can play it on totally a wreck ..
  6. nice, but.. 1. will this be still a 20MB app? 2. doesnot those who sit ingame allday will be in big advantage? only i think this is cellphone game.. ..if not i like it
  7. ohh how u can say that when its all about cooldown and nrg consumption values? btw.. this game is ballanced enough.. only the fights would last longer.. this is what i await from the update - especially in war
  8. so lets say ban Mydog for example.. i think worst enemies r same faction mcs r best bcouse i can play with them and kill them and sometimes ( :bad: ) get killed.. and its such clear relationship.. i luv U
  9. yes - more arenas to warspear.. and teleport to strange locations with special qsts not like this so called astral - its common only bigger
  10. Hi :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: Slay lol
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