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suggestions. new skills

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Well i was thinking about ultimate skills, actives, pasives or pasives that must be activate (like dark shield of dk) tgose ultimate skills are unique, must be buy by 80k. Aslo camt be studied (1/1 always)

so, some.ideas


Bd: summons swords tht dance arround u and deal dmg for a shaort time (passive. 1 yard. 40 sec coldown. 15 seconds of skill)

druid: summon a tree. All party members near in tree cannot be debuffed, and aslo up reg hp. (40 sec coldown. 15 seconds of skill)

ranger: all targets who are 3 yard away from u, u have more chance to deal critical in them. (passive) (if 1enemy is close to ranger, ranger will get normal % crit, but if other is away, will increase criticak chance against the far target)

pala: heal to all party members some % of ur max hp, and giive them some % of ur def. Targets need to be at least in 5 yards for be effected(coldown 40 secs)

mage: every time u cast dmg skill, reduce in 2 seconds all other skills

Priest: become invencible u and ur pt for short time (8 seconds) (all ur party and u cannot atk or be atk) (1 min coldown)

dk: increase all ur party def and magic dedby 40% (10 seconds) (coldown 40 seconds)

lock: mark enemy prepare for death. All times u cast the spell, put 1 stack. If that stack reach 10, deal 80% of max hp of the target ignoring def. Stacks cannot be removed. (30 seconds coldown)

necro: revive an ally with 40% of his hp and 10% of his enery(cost 60% hp)

Barb: for each enemy near, ur def is increased by 1k. Max 10 enemys

shaman: summon a shamanic totem. That totem increase ur harmony, heal regeneration and def. Aslo, it reduce in half harmony and hp regeneration to enemys

rogue: every time rogue deal dmg in the back, it will be incremented

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That locks skill would be pvp skill. Boss 100% resist that skill.

Then shaman maybe a lighting storm tht can stun and deal dmg (as acid rain but not poison, stunning) maybe @heavybowus?

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