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Tree of seasons dungeon (normal)

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Some people asked me tips to complete this dungeon on normal mode so I will try to help by sharing some information that I find useful.

I have only done this dungeon 2 times, one using my necromancer and another using my warlock. Some of my party members died a few times, so this guide is still not optimal. You can help me improve it if you have better strategies.


Dungeon prerequisites:


To enter this dungeon, you need 640 reputation points. The best way to earn reputation points is by doing the blue quests in which you need to kill specific bosses/minibosses. The other quests which give reputation are long, boring and give a small amount of reputation points but you can still do them if you want.




I suggest everyone to use minions (mermans and/or firestone for example) and bring some revive scrolls just in case. Also don't spare potions. You can easily stack a good amount of high level potions by doing the daily quests and not selling to npc. DON'T BE CHEAP ON USING POTIONS, potting is cheaper than using revive scrolls.


Recommended party members:


You will need a proper tank, using shield preferably (15% defense bonus).

Warlocks and necros are also very important because they have good area control skills.


So the essential is a "tank + necro + lock" or "tank + necro + any healer". The other slots on the party are pretty much free as long as they play their role well but in my opinion, try to fill in as much healers and locks as possible.


How you should behave:


General rules:

1) The tanker should always be the first to move after entering a room. The reason for this is 90% of the mobs on each room have unlimited detecting range. In other words, THEY CAN'T BE EVADED AND WILL KEEP ATTACKING THE FIRST PERSON WHO MOVED A SQUARE AFTER ENTERING A ROOM.


2) Kill the "gridaur" mob first. The mobs that look like gridaur do the most damage and it looks like new mobs keep spawning while they are alive. So, you should always try to kill him first. If you have a rogue or two on the party, they can stealth and quickly kill this mob.


4) Kill mobs as fast as possible while using area controls from time to time when you see the party is in trouble.


3) Learn the art of distributed tanking. Sometimes the tank won't be able to tank everything alone. When you see his HP dropping below 50% you should start attacking different mobs and try to make some of them attack you. If you can get the attention of 1 or 2 mobs, probably you won't die even without heal, and don't forget you can always use potions.


Warlock tricks:


When playing warlock, your job is to do as much damage as possible and distract the mobs when the tank is having trouble so he has enough time to be healed back to safety.

Using dark circle is not the only way to distract the mobs, when the tank is having trouble, you should use pool of darkness to make some mobs attack you. After you get their attention, you can make them chase you while you run to the previous room or in case you get too many mobs attacking you, you can use stone body. This is specially effective because all the mobs on this dungeon move slowly.


Best route:


The fastest and easiest route to complete the dungeon is LEFT, UP, RIGHT.




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You make it seem easy while it's a nightmare

If you atk another mob there is a chance to get atked but other mobs in that case even pot can't help

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Thank you for putting this together. Do healers need to adjust their strategy?


necros should use all debuff skills. use mental pit on strongest mob (gridaur-like mob and dragons), go in the middle of the mobs and use panic, use nightmare etc. shamans can use quake when the situation is getting out of control and run to another room and then come back. using totem at max distance and running away even before it hits is also good strategy to distract mobs.

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