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  1. Hello can i know if my magic dmg on bd 26 is being added to my skill dmg? If not then why not make my stat show 0 mgc power instead of putting numbers that isnt even added on my skill dmg
  2. @admin @Daria Hello im from Philippines and Mcoins on shop can be only bought via Google Play and GiftCode yet here on this country Buying on Gplay is so hard to setup and most of us want to Buy Mcoin too. So i decided to pls add more way to buy mcoin other than google play just like codashop where this a legit shop for recharging on faster and better https://www.codashop.com/ph Could you parner with them so that we can buy mcoin from this location on faster and easier way. I know many works to do for making partnership but i would make more income in exchange
  3. Yes basically you who chose to fight monsters and not against other players have to defend in defense by being a dancer of the blades because my goal for now is to get to high lvl as fast and build later for op gears
  4. Hello Guys Im still new to the game. What should i fucos on my Item builds Builds that is good for Questing. I asking is that which Rune or Crystal Should i put on my gear to withstand 2-2-4 lvl Higher than my char. Having Low Amp +1 to +5 Cloak (Crit / Energy)(Hp Regen / Parry / Solidity) Helm (Accuracy / Energy) Amulet (Crit / Accuracy) (Hp Regen / Hp Add) Weapon Axe *my weapon is Spring Axe (high Accuracy 5+5.4 and normal penet 2.2+.20) Body Armor (Attck Spd / Energy) Belt (Energy Regen / Crit) Hand (Attck Spd / Penet) Ring x2 (Energy Regen Or Penet)(dodge or hp add) PLS help me pick Better Stats to Deafeat Mobs higher than me
  6. What if you would teamwork with them
  7. Also much better if map full guide with mobs boss mini boss location Mobs stats info
  8. http://ws-db.ru/ much better if only this site will be updated or make something like this on updated version
  9. Please Update the databate to the latest version so it will be much usefull
  10. Can i know what is the app used? By the way i only used Paint and Photoshop
  11. GOOD LUCK TO ALL.... Hello Everyone Its my first time to join contest The Costume Named "Green Adventurer" only manage to do gif front Done on Pixel Front and Back HOPE YOU LIKE IT Material Used DARK METAL - Its a rare metal obtained from the Lord of Darkness Which give strong dark power GOLD METAL - Its a metal given by the Mysterious Man to the Main Character POISONOUS Crystals - Its a metal obtained from the Monster of the Lord of Darkness Description The armor has three materiel used This materials are Dark Metal , Gold Metal , and Poisonous Crystals.Dark metal is represented by Black Colors, Gold metal Golden Colors and lastly the Poisonous Crystal Green Colors {Shines}. Head: This Wears a Custom Gear that has night vision googles Cape: The metal is turn into dust particles and mixed with high quality threads Body: Its a heavy armor which shines in the dark , that glows and and give light Hand: It has a Gold Bracelet and a Metal Gauntlet Foot: It is Crafted by a Dark Metals Hair: Transparent Because It does wear and Head Armor Story In the land of Arinar there was a young Elf was dream to become an adventurer. His race was and Elf. He started his journey from Firstborn to Ash of Coast. Where he found companions,and Friend. There was a Craftsman, Tradesman , and etc. He killed many evil monsters, gained armor and weapons but it wasn't enough for him.He was looking for an Evil that is so strong .And he was an Adult Elf Now. While he was at the Dark Cave a Mysterious Man appeared and told him that go to Ayvondil the your'e Heart of will take you there and then he handed a Gold Metal which is not ordinary. He go back to the Craftsman, and ask what is the metals power the Craftsman said,"It holds strong Light that Protects you from danger". The Elf Hold to it and take the journey to Ayvondil and In the Cave he found strong Evil Power Reside. Power that he was looking. At the entrance he have seen strong Monsters It was a Dark Poisonous Dragon.The Dragon Breaths Dark Green Flames and could instantly kill ordinary Adventurer.He have fought he have killed 5 of them in all and he obtained the Poisonous Crystal. But he stills not Satisfied. He sensed more stronger Power. After the he entered the Deeper in the cave. Minions are there, minions of darkness. He fought it until he reached the place where the lord is waiting. He have seen him but couldn't remember. He fought.The battle last 3 day and 3 nights finally he was able to defeat it. He obtained the armor of the Lord of Darkness composed of Dark Metal. He is now satisfied as an adventurer. As a Victory he decided to Craft and Full Set of armor. He asked the craftsman to Craft it he gave the materials. The Armor has been created. He named that armor as "Green Adventurer". Thanks for Reading... maybe you didnt cause the story is not good EU-Emerad IGN: Zanagialma Class: Blade Dancer Lvl: 17 Guild: Sentinels
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