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Make the Sign of Impershability drop from boss


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Hi Aigrind,i wish the Sign of Imperishability will drop from mini-boss too.


It could make better ingame balance.

The basic point is the make poor players better chance to play,and make game interesting.

Now is very hard to buy it for gold ,and make succeful amplify.


This game is too concentrated to money,and many ppl quitted playing or awaiting upcoming update.


I think this good suggestion.


Or make that like Event winter quest Young Witch ,what dropped key what opened chest with items.

It was interesting.



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Unfortunately every player demands 2-10 sets of signs for lvl 17 equips..... :facepalm: and a few just buy items instead of play the real players are ppl who actually play the game its allready become unfair to these players by the addition of amplifying system

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This would help balance the game.  Everything else in mshop is available in another form ingame except costumes and other non performance things. 


They have good mshop potions, but quest potions are also good.

Damage spheres in mshop, but also drop from bosses.

Signs are only very rarely found in secret chests and they're always personal. These should drop from bosses to help balance the disparity between those who can afford and those who can't.



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Signs are the money trap, I'm sure they won't change it, it's very easy to get addicted to amplifying especially without signs, if devs make it drop from bosses no one will buy signs anymore and instead hunt bosses for it, every game has a money trap, but the best money trap there is, is Pay to Play, it's not a real money sucker like Amplifying/Enchanting/Upgrading/etc.

Well, hope Devs aren't that addicted to money  :facepalm:  hopefully they reduce Mcoin price cause right now mcoins cost even more than better MMOs like WoW, you can upgrade all the way to Cata and Subscribe yearly for more fun than this game and it won't even cost the same like a +10 weapon  :crazy:

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Here is something devs should actually read article on ;


Parents sue Apple for freemium games

F reemium games, which are games that are free to purchase but require in app purchases to progress through the game are all the rage across app stores right now,but are also making for some disgruntled parents. Their kids buy games for free but the parents receive a shock in the form of a bill for hundreds of dollars. A class action lawsuit was filed in San Jose, California by parents against Apple for what they're calling "bait apps". According to Gamezebo , the judge's decision was to not dismiss the lawsuit.

Apple had requested the judge to dismiss the case but the judge dismissed Apple's request. Freemium apps might actually pose real legal problems for Apple, because according to Flurry, 65% of revenue generated in the App Store comes from freemium games. As anyone can guess, a large percentage of that can come from children sneaking around with their parents' credit cards. In terms of refunds, Apple does not have an easy system in place, disgruntled parents have to contact game developers for a refund. And then some of those game companies, refer parents right back to Apple for a refund. :facepalm:

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