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Chaos - Lord of darkness


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Aye.. maybe put something in your topic like:

"Some of the graphics I used with my work is from Warspear - AIGRIND LLC. I do not own anything."


Save your entry my friend..

Before it's too..  *vanishes*

Good idea, disclaimers should be set if you used locations from the game. Else it's Copyright violation lol.

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Cave in ayvondil and forsaken map 1 chapel


Question is the same:

where are these models from?

r0ly wanted to know where are the ideas of the bosses' models from...

As stated by DzSpiritee

dude i think he want to know where the model is from first... not where u place the boss

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Can u make a boss without much background effects? So we can see how boss look like in game, or is this boss gonna be on fire like this in game too?

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its nice, if u made it alone without copying.. it is better that others

But seems like u have to change boss Skills, drop and info again

tnx i will change skills now :good:

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Chaos - Lord of darkness

Chaos a dark entity who lived in a cave somewhere in the valley of death, was born from the 7 deadly sins ; wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust envy and gluttony

He created havoc across the lands of Arinar.

With the commencing of his mayhem the people of Arinar flee in fear of the bloodshed that was bestowed upon them.

Screams of terror echoed across the lands as people lost their lives.

When the 4 factions decided to work together out of desperation and fear of the devastation caused by Chaos they formed an alliance to defeat this fierce dark entity.

Each faction send out 3 of their mighty heroes to face this evil entity.

When the battle emerged all the heroes fought hard but Chaos was too strong so the heroes decided to sacrifice themself’s in order to put the dark entity into a deep slumber.

Present day….long since forgotten, all the heroes faded away in time and peace was irrecoverable.

When a battle broke out for territory’s, and the players started committing the 7 deadly sins it lead to the awakening of Chaos and now he’s waiting in the valley of death for the appearance of the new heroes of Arinar

Will u be next?......

Boss behavior and skills

Normal attack (Physical Damage)

Boss attacks the tanking player with scythes dealing magical damage

Inferno (Magical Damage)

When players are close to boss he uses skill Inferno that sends the ground ablaze (5x5) for 8 seconds dealing an X amount of magical damage to the players

Dark Gahena (Magical Damage)

When a player tanks the boss uses skill Dark Gahena a ball of dark energy that deals a massive blow of magical damage to the player


When player attacks the boss he uses skill Despair causing the players to lose the will to fight lowering there attack by an X amount for 10 seconds


Boss stats

Health Points:1,000,000



Magic Defense:3000




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