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  1. Balerion The Black Dread A long time ago, there lived a young couple on the outskirts of a town called Tristram. The man’s name was Jiraiya and the woman’s name was Athena. Both of them where skilled mages and could cast incredible spells, but as time went on Athena could see that Jiraiya was getting consumed by his thirst for power, so she begged him to stop, but he didn’t heed her warning and he decided to cast a forbidden type of magic, blood magic and thought that he could control it, but it consumed him turning him into a fierce monster. Having lost all his humanity he went on a rampage and devoured the town of Tristram, killing hundreds of people. Athena saw the mayhem, Jiraiya had caused so she went to stop him. When she caught up to him they engaged in a horrific battle but she couldn’t bring herself to kill the man she loved so she turned herself into a blast of magical energy sealing him in a pillar of ice, but after hundreds of years the ice has melted and now the monster has broken free and is searching for magical power to regain his strength from being sealed away for so long. Hp:2 000 000 Mp:5 000 Def:6 000 Magic Def:4 000 Boss behavior and skills The boss attacks the player who deals the most damage Skill 1: Curse of the bloody rain – deals damage 5x5 area for 5 seconds Skill 2: Blood pact – increase boss def and magic def Skill 3: Stigmata – in pails the tanking player causing massive damage
  2. nice contest guys cant wait to see who win
  3. what the program name u use to make ur boss?
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