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Capybara Sonolenta - Quiz/Br-Tourmaline

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In the marshes of Norlant, notes were discovered about some ruins of an ancient house. These notes described a creature never before seen by anyone in that archipelago.


The text was as follows:


“Today I went to collect some loose snake scales when I came across what I thought was a person coming out of the dark water of the swamp, but it wasn't, his body was the same as mine, but his hands and feet were hairy, and on his chest and legs On his back flowed a kind of tunic made of what appeared to be seaweed and long, thin leaves, as if they had stuck to his body, molding itself like clothing.

And his hairy face and small ears, I will never forget, his wide snout and very large nostrils, his entire body presented the most variable shades of brown.

Its eyes seemed closed and, at that moment, a small bird flew over me towards the creature and landed on top of its head, as if it were its newest nest.

Soon after I realized that now wherever the bird looked, the creature was heading in the right direction, still with its eyes closed, it was as if they had connected somehow, the little bird was now its eyes.

I called the creature Capybara, the sleepy one, because it simply came out of the water, ate some grass from its tunic, and lay down in a snake's nest to sleep. Yes, she is harmless.



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