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[2023.09.01] Stories contest “What do the Sands sing about?'”. Results

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The choice of winners for the "What the Sands sing about?" story contest posed our jury. Finally, we are pleased to announce the names of those who managed to capture the melody of the sands and shape it into their exciting stories!


The title of level 3 master and 15.000 Miracle coins + Battle pass of the 19th activity season + bronze forum badge:

@Kirby - Eggyreto~Sea-Pearl server~ The Impossible Quest

The title of level 2 master and 20.000 Miracle coins + Battle pass of the 19th activity season + silver forum badge:

@Arthas - O segredo dos Jakkars (Nick GOD - Server TOURMALINE)

The title of level 1 master and 30.000 Miracle coins + Battle pass of the 19th activity season + gold forum badge:

@Zheret - O Amuleto Amaldiçoado de Sahad | Zheret | EU-EMERALD


As gratitude, other participants whose works did not break the rules of the contest, will receive the incentive prize of 10 World Architects Caches!


We thank you for participating and look forward to your papers in the future literary contest!


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3 minutes ago, Drakoslayd said:

:sorry: no English post

This is the English post!

Tourmaline , Pearl , Emerald and Sapphire compete together!

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I was kinda sad I failed to make a story related to Almahad. Maybe because I was too focused on King Orin.

I made huge effort in that that I gotta admit, I was kinda upset but I got over it. :good:

I'll just do better next time!

Congrats to the winners and Thank you to everyone who read my story and maybe appreciated it! :yahoo:

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