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  1. Truly! I found myself staring at it for about 1 min lol 😂
  2. Gliding through the darkness of silent nights, She punctuates the dead silence with a lovely humming, Beware! Mortals, She wields an enchanted knife To mark her servants One tiny cut, and she'll own you Resist, she'll end you
  3. Teleportation scroll is my favourite, and knowing that I have a few in my pocket seriously relieves me. ✨
  4. "It won't matter how powerful or strong you are if you don't arrive in time to save people," These words were spoken to me by one of the heroic Blade Dancers of Arinar, who happened to be my father as well. It was during one of the Blade Dancer training sessions a year ago when he said those words to me. Advice or a warning? Anyway, I ignored it---only to remember them a year later, when yet another unforeseen attack by the Legion left corpses and blood of my land people in its wake. I realised my folly. My father's only regret was how slow he was, and his one wish was to save the elves before chaos struck them. He had always wanted to be there for them whenever they needed him the most, but sometimes he'd be too late to save them. Anger would surge through his body and the aftermath of frequent battles and wars would tear his heart out. Rage, sadness and shame would eat away at him. Little did I know that it'd be my turn to go through these feelings six months after his demise. The vicious Legion had just attacked one of the camps in Irselnort, but by the time I arrived, it was all over. Once again, I'd been slow, just like my father. Why? Why? I don't want history to repeat itself! There was nothing I could do as I flung my pillow away in anger. I grabbed another pillow from my bed and was about to rip it apart when I heard a knock on the door. It was midnight. I opened the door and found a wizened old elf leaning on his staff. I quickly let him in and offered him a chair. "Brave Eggyreto, you do not know me, but I've observed you for a long time and now you've earned my trust and respect and so, I shall offer you this invaluable item I invented after years of hardwork and efforts," he said, holding out a rolled-up parchment tied with a golden thread. I accepted it, looking confused. "What is this?" I asked. "A unique item that will aid you in times of battles. You are competent and a promising Blade Dancer, performing your duties admirably, therefore, you've earned the right to own this scroll. It is called the Teleportation scroll. With this, you can teleport to any camp across Arinar and protect your people in time. Consider this as a gift from me," I gazed down at the scroll in my hands with mixed feelings of shock and awe. Was it a dream? If the old elf was speaking truth, then my problems were solved! "Use this, and you will save many lives," said he. Perhaps he was not lying, for I could sense some kind of magic from the scroll. "Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, you have my gratitude!" I cried, giving a quick bow. The old elf laughed, giving a pat on my head. "Hold your head high and channel your rage and power into your weapons and slay your enemies. Innocent lives shall not be lost now, for you will save them in time," I nodded earnestly. "Um, may I know your name?" He chuckled. "I'm your well-wisher, Eggyreto. That is all you need to know," With those words, he rose from the chair, set off for the door and disappeared into the darkness of the night. Sadly, that was our first and last meeting. But thanks to the Teleportation scroll, my wish came true. When the Legion launched their umpteenth attack on Kamp-riff, I teleported to the camp from Kamp-Gasphel(saving thirty minutes) and managed to save my people and foil my enemies' plans. They retreated upon my instant arrival, flabbergasted and bewildered. Oh, how I loved those face expressions! Had my father lived, he'd have witnessed this sweeping victory and celebrated with us. I continued to be victorious, of course, the secret of Teleportation scroll was safe with me, and the history changed. But I always wondered... Who was that old elf?
  5. Frontview Rumour has it that this simple-looking Happy-go-lucky costume is sure to cheer up anyone who puts it on! What are you waiting for? Happy-go-lucky is a unisex costume consisting of a shirt, suspenders and baggy pants with a beret hat :) Back view Side views
  6. Pheww, awesome job keeping all the records! Very impressive 👏👍 and interesting
  7. True!! Rich gets richer everytime. X2 guaranteed drops was actually X2 common stuff no matter how many times some of us did dg.
  8. I hope I get good drops in winter. Horror turned out to be disappointment.😭
  9. They better do, coz we were all gathered there eager as ever and then.... nothing happened 😓
  10. Thank you 😊 Behind every photo is a story and mine is a lil bit funny 😛 I was looking forward to do more but ended up with this one. It'd been difficult, honestly, my not-so-smart phone lacks certain features and that dashed my expectations. 😓
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