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LvL 22 PvP Druid skill points


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If you are not high ampped, its not any problem! I dont know much abaut other class's but if u are druid,
you can be +6-8 and you can win +9-10 if you have used your skill points to rigth skills.


My PvP skill tree is :


Healing Dew 5/5

Lightning Bolt 5/5

Roots 3/5

Forest Song 3/4

Power of Water 2/4


If I want hunt/farm, i use this :


Healing Dew 5/5

Barkskin 5/5

Secret Link 4/4

Roots 5/5


Thanks from reeding my topic ;) , hope i helped you  :) .

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i use my druid often for laby so my skill built is


bolt     2/5

heal    5/5

bark    5/5

root    2/5

link     4/4

song   2/4

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Are you changing your skill set up everytime you are going PvP, after farming and again PvP? Sorry, but I have to agree on that post two posts above me. Druid is based on stun, you should use it ^^ you should remove two skill points from lightning and put them on root. It won't change much on your damage but those second more stun is pretty usefull to make a good stun combo

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My druid is only lvl20, but at lvl22 my build would be


Bolt 1

Heal 5

Barkskin 1

Root 5

Bees 3


Power of water 3

Link 2


Root > Bees > Bolt 

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