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  1. I Have reuploaded them... are they visable now?
  2. Temple of Seals Well hello, I have allso created an arena Temple of Seals map. My goal was to make it possible for everyone to win. I have thought how I wanted to do this and this is what I've created; Start; For the strong players, they can try to take exit 2 and go instant to the enemy to beat them up. If this works you can make a head start at the enemy. For the not so strong teams, there is allso an oppertunity to take the save exit 1 and go to take an capture point. If your party dies in a second; Now it is possible to still take an exit where there are no o
  3. Happened again when Dimvit tried to make the guild lvl 10...
  4. yeah i like the idea!
  5. i use my druid more for laby
  6. i use my druid often for laby so my skill built is bolt 2/5 heal 5/5 bark 5/5 root 2/5 link 4/4 song 2/4
  7. i have link 4/4 so it heals 2 times but i had critt +2300 hp i realy love this skill and hold it 4/4
  8. it allso kicks players that dont atk you
  9. it allso kicks players that dont atk you
  10. allso when try to kill mc shaman its smart to use roots when the heal of the shaman allmost over is now he is a few sec out of his/her heal and u can make a profit
  11. dojoo


    noo! Our guild :clapping: is my faforite :crazy:
  12. I has seen it to and it costed 1m!! I want that medalip to!:*
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