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Raml Al Dam- Jollier/Eu-Emerald

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In the deserts of Almahad, there were stories told of a monster unlike any other - Raml Al Dam. According to legend, it had been created by the dark magic of an ancient sorcerer, using sand from the very heart of the desert.


Raml Al Dam's body was made almost entirely of sand, but it was imbued with a malevolent intelligence that allowed it to move and hunt like a living creature. Its limbs were capable of lashing out with incredible speed and strength, and it was said that the sand itself responded to its will.


Another disturbing aspect of Raml Al Dam was the substance that leaked from its mouth - a viscous, blood-like fluid that stained the sand red wherever it fell. The locals called it 'Red Sand,' and some whispered that it had the power to infect and corrupt those who came into contact with it.


Despite its sand-based body, Raml Al Dam was a formidable opponent that many warriors had failed to defeat. It seemed impervious to blades and arrows, and its sand-like body could easily absorb and deflect blows that would have felled any other creature. Even the most powerful sorcerers found it difficult to destroy Raml Al Dam, as its magic seemed to be bound up with the very desert itself.


Many whispered that Raml Al Dam was a curse upon the land, a punishment for the sins of the first civilization that had flourished in Almahad. Others saw it as a test of the strength and resilience of the people who lived in the harsh desert environment.


Despite the efforts of many warriors, Raml Al Dam was not a single creature. There were many of them, scattered across the deserts of Almahad, each one as deadly as the last. They appeared from nowhere, stalking travelers and caravans, leaving destruction in their wake.


Over time, the people of Almahad learned to adapt to the presence of Raml Al Dam. They developed new weapons and strategies to fight the sand creatures, and eventually, they began to understand the nature of their enemy.


It was said that Raml Al Dam was the embodiment of the harsh and unforgiving desert environment, a force of nature that could never truly be defeated. Even if the people of Almahad managed to destroy every single one of the sand creatures, the desert would always find a way to create new ones, as it had done for centuries.


One particularly interesting detail about Raml Al Dam was that it seemed to be attracted to the most valuable and precious items that travelers and caravans carried through the desert. Some whispered that the sand creatures had a sense for wealth and could smell it from afar. This made traveling through the deserts of Almahad even more dangerous, as those who carried valuable items were often targeted by the sand monsters.

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