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Deathknight of the Legion

"The warhorn of the Legion is blown. Barbarians howl and chant ancient songs, Hunters strings their bows and crossbows. Chieftains and Shamans prepare the recruits for the coming war but the Forsaken Deathknights gets in their famous orderly formations, keeping their shields in front of themselves and readying their swords and spears for the coming war against the Sentinels"

Deathknights are the heavy front line warriors of the Legion. Don't fret thinking that we are only a damage soak, we can also deal alot of damage against anything that gets in our way! 


Strengths of the Class

Deathknights have many strengths so here is the list

Hard to kill- Deathknights when well built can be very difficult to kill

Low Health healing- Secret Reserves heals the Deathknight when they have low health

strong shield- Dark Shield [especially with the talent Bloody Barrier] can keep you alive for longer


Weaknesses of the Deathknight 

Lack of Mobility- Deathknights have no Mobility to get away when near death or the ability to close the distance when against Ranged classes or Casters

No anti-Stealth ability- when fighting Rogues or Seekers you cannot stop them from closing the distance. 



One handed Swords, One handed Axes, One handed mace, 2 handed Sword, 2 handed Axes, Two handed Mace, spears, and shields

Heavy armor and Light armor. 

[Not including relics as far to complicated]

image.png.a4d213b5dcc39dbfd30db674f6e10532.png.7e779f3d7628d0786ee62121585cd2ac.pngThorn of Death- your standard physical damage skill 3/5 is ideal in both pvp and pve. 

image.png.64b5cace1494f765bc1c0137dee11366.png.c0e1487db350ad770135104ce02408b5.png Exhalation of Darkness- your only basic magic damage skill and it also has a stun. 2/5 in pve but 4/5 in pvp. 

image.png.5b443ea8b67aea2f926d0267cc64da62.png.f320cf162d11265f14db9e874ff1aa67.png Provocation- Your aggro skill. 1/5 in pvp BUT 5/5 in pve as your the tank. 

image.png.9bd512efa9bb3d158666779357437465.png.457bdd9026092dc191fb44e9f8a0af57.png Threads of Darkness- your pull and root skill. It can pull any target except for bosses and raid bosses. 1/5 in pve but 2/5 in pvp is good. 

image.png.f00439f90661467f90f8846ea8c61f6a.png.2734dbd383539da25377dd33bbd19dca.png Dark Shield- no explanation as its one of the best defense skills. 5/5 all the way. 

Now for Expert Skills. 

image.png.c7dbd019e61a547ba73f5249fb6a3968.png.62270e98f1908d5c3a795185e8347b01.png Death Call- Your AOE pull and Magic Damage skill. No matter what it's great 4/4 in pve but 1/4 in pvp. 

image.png.5257e06aa81ea3adc6d6e1bb899d5250.png.589e6aaa5fbd3d4169d2b7281a911886.png Steel Hurricane- AoE physical or Magic damage depending on which is higher. 1/4 is how much I put. 

image.png.da5b8dc66dc69ddd7f827da170fd8cec.png.3380d09a8ec3695cb6dffd5522f71e83.png Saturation- Lifesteal which improves as it is leveled. 2/4 in pve but 4/4 in pvp. [Works with Sharp Shadow!]

image.png.488f958df39d204cd239711b92aef44b.png.b72695960da194a34eb335fa10d95ac6.png Sharp Shadow- magic damage stun! When used with Saturation it steals some health for you! 1/4 in pve but 3/4 in pvp

image.png.b9d6f9f99ef2b5ea277ca074d00cc8f9.png.be16d8c20ed16eca36c0465f71e30f74.png Blow of Silence- puts a silence buff on the enemy while increasing your physical and magic damage ti the enemy until your next attack. Now AoE with 6 max targets in pvp BUT no limit in pve. 1/4 in pve but 4/4 in pvp

image.png.dfbbf77a9cd2ea99daf51b5d487c0439.png.5bb99ebf21052df1cee354278a35d57e.png Secret Reserves- ALWAYS CHOOSE THIS FIRST. Once you reach 30% of your max health it will heal you greatly while also lowering damage taken. 2/4 in both pvp and pve. 

image.png.eb9b8937dbfcc596b3fe9a2ceac3e326.png.a3321f9da9c2482c1c04342f20f44a38.png Aura of Hate- a pretty good defense and damage skill but not quite worth it because of its long cooldown. 1/4 in pvp and pve

image.png.a22ac58d9cda3b7d7ffd95777ffc0be6.png.1217ab7dec841596d5c5316461f86844.png Blood Protection- once was one of the best shields is now the most annoying to use. When you use it it's best put on yourself. 4/4 in pve but 1/4 in pvp

image.png.0e4db05ef527eca77cbd14819ddde300.png.be1824b69ad88a83cea2561a0e6de080.png Knights Curse- best magic damage skill in the game. Applies Kiss of Death which weakens the enemies armor by 30%~ but when resisted, Removed, or simply wears off it puts a 3x3 fire around the enemy. 1/4 in both pve and pvp but I'd your going magic you would likely max it out



The best strategies of the class is to stay out front of the party and tank. Its best to protect your damage dealers such as Reapers, Rogues, Hunters. And your Support such as Necromancers, Charmers, And Shamans. 


In PvP it's best to stay up front with your party or even the horde of other players and wash them with your aoe skills while using healing pots, scrolls, buffs from others, and even guild buffs. 



the best equipment varies and changes but it depends on what you can afford. 

Best gear is arguably Merman from the Merman Sanctuary but I have seen others choose the Sorcerers armor from Event Weeks and armor from T5 Avylondil and any Horror and Snow armors. Best bonuses are Parry, Defense, Block, Vampirism, and Rage. 


this part is regarding Minions that is best for early dungeons or even attempting to solo minibosses or some dungeons. 

Best Minions for Deathknights

Cat Charmer- excellent healing and great Shield.

Dead Huntsman- Great damage and damage reduction is awesome. 

Blood Reaper- great damage with some bleed. 

Lightning Elemental- awesome but very rare. Goodluck getting some early. 

Snowman- awesome damage and some control ability

Plague WitchDoctor- basically a better Cat Charmer

Ice Queen- excellent but rare. Cleansing ability is excellent in event dungeons 



That's the end of my guide so I hope you enjoyed it. Not the best guide for this class but I hope it's helpful.

Edited by Drakoknight
Added Minions, added neat little intro and types of weapons and armor we can use
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15 minutes ago, Ogull said:

well done my undead friend :icare:

Thank you. This was a pain to do as it kept clearing by accident 

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On 3/10/2023 at 9:12 AM, Drakoknight said:

Thank you. This was a pain to do as it kept clearing by accident 

:tired2:exhausting , nice guide we need more dk guides

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8 minutes ago, lallouss said:

:tired2:exhausting , nice guide we need more dk guides

Its not the best but it's not that hard to make a good Deathknight

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