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Character building for the MC


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I have a suggestion to devs on making our character building more unique.I think the character building in the games are too simple and lack of variety.I believe the devs should take the advantages of clans(Wolf,bear,eagle etc) in the Mountain clans to create a personality for the players.


My idea is to give the players option to choose in what they wanted their origins to be and each clans would have a special skill that the players will recieve.


-This will give the players a more unique personality,a barb wouldnt just be a barb they can be a barb from the Bear clan which has the strongest atk skill(lets say that was their skill) and a barb from the Puma clan which is given the skill for a super speed atk(lets say that was their skill).


-The choosing "you own clan part" would give a more good sense on character building  and define the players on who they are.I have always feel that the devs are not taking the advantages on giving a personality,I think this would be a great way for the Mountain clans.


Of course if you give this kind of option to the MC the FB would also want a similiar system,i'm not too sure on what option you can give to them for the "Character building" part since I never played that part of the world.


If any of the devs are reading this,I know it might take sometime to create this system but i think it will help improving the game more.This game is still lack on many aspect and if you want to improve on character building this is my suggestion.

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Good idea, at this stage, the character building in this game still too simple. All ppl have the same ability, just amp make them different.

I wish idea like this will be implemented soon.

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