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Safe zone!


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General information

A safe zone is an area where you can be safe, hiding from any danger and resting after hunting. Players who recently attacked other players or in battle with creatures can't enter a safe zone. Creatures aren't allowed to enter safe zone either, with the exception of your minion.


While you're within a safe zone there are some actions you can't do :-

1- attacking any other player or creature using melee, distance or magic skills.

2- using attack or summon skills.


And there are some actions you can do :-

1- using healing or support skills.

2- using healing or support potions and scrolls.


You can find a safe zone at the area of respawn statue, so if you revived or teleported there you'll be safe from attacks, until you heal yourself and use necessary buffs.

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neutral zones u mean i think there is areas already like towns of map4 and nadir, nadir used to have spawn statue back in 2010 i think but people kept camping there to gank weak players so they removed the statue


aw wait im reading now what u said:

9 hours ago, Ahmedic said:

Players who recently attacked other players or in battle with creatures can't enter a safe zone. Creatures aren't allowed to enter safe zone either, with the exception of your minion.


like albion online jejeje when u attack someone u cannot enter safe zone if in battle mode, yea i think warspear mechanics need abit change to make this possible because when u attack someone also the one being attacked becomes in attack mode also, if this mechanics changed i think yes would be cool to implement this


is it necessary? not really i dont know

is there limits to the not allowed to enter, like u said recently, what if his aoe by mistake attacked someone or baited into attacking someone with retribuition stats there is alot of scenarios i cant begin with i dont think its much usefull for this, i think the mount idea is cool with each mount having different special skills makes it more fun in battles with high cooldown also if it dies so no abuse of it, and cooldowns dont reset upon death anyway this another topic sry jajajaj


i prefer if devs focus on more important game end content like ur mount idea and other stuff related to solo guild events, making lower level guilds have fun in warspear also, most of all events in warspear are related to lvl10+ leaving half of the community demotivated to play or have fun


Personal guild events like: Guild bosses, Guild dungeon, Guild castle fight


some events that requires xx number of people depending on difficulty and what level guild it is

this is end game content needed much since long time, imagine your whole guild trying to finish a dungeon with pro coordination and guild skills needed, or a boss which needs perfect healers,tank and damagers to kill it properly


ops i forgot also more solo dungeons needed, not everyone in warspear likes to be in a guild some people i see likes to be solo players, why devs doesnt recognize these people? only during spring event for a boring same retro dungeon, i think many ideas and things need to be said and easy to implement rather than focus on big snow/horror/chinese/spring... events better focus on something hard to do yet possible but takes time n effort eitheer solo or guild related

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The idea came from abusing respawn statue area, if enemies spamming skills at your respawn statue you have no chance to counter attack, you just revive with 50% of your hp then you died again and again, you don't have chance to use pot, skills or even change your gears for pvp. That's why respawn area should be safe zone for my option.

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