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The Time Tunnel


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I suggest a new annual event called

The Time Tunnel!


the event will primarily focus on presenting the new bosses that players had already featured in the game and now are "retired"

there will also be the opportunity to experience and review a thrill of facing a monster that has been very strong in his prime again and see how much you progressed in skill, and this also show how much the game has evolved in certain points of view.

also be based on an anniversary of the game and it could launch the event and gather all those who marked history in the development and success of the game.


My idea of ​​the time tunnel is that the game increases the amount of events, which motivates much an old player to continue playing.


Thanks, guys, and good rest!  :good:

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I agree with your idea & here's the way it'll be:


It can be as a dungeon, when you press to enter the dungeon, you'll be asked to enter your born isle island or Irselnort......The time of dungeon will be 30 minutes for born isle island & 50 minutes for Irselnort bosses, inside the dungeon there'll be several levels as the number of the bosses in the island, in the last level all the bosses will be combined as a one boss to defeat.


Feel free to ask/suggest/quibble.


Thanks for reading!

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I know beholder, IS NOT BEHOLDER

beholder is gone when got norland

The True Boss is Ghost Hydra i think!! :facepalm:

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