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[2021.10.20] «Horror Contest - 2021»


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The bright days of the celebration are just around the corner! What's Halloween without fancy dresses? Hurry to grab your creepy masks out of the closet, wear your raincoats and scare your neighbors! And of course, don't forget to take a photo to enter the new "Horror Contest - 2021" and win some amazing prizes!


How to participate?

  1. Take a photo specifically for the competition: you can use any means for transformation: outfits, cosmetics, entourage, etc;
  2. Your photo must contain the “Warspear Online” logo: drawn on paper, opened on the screen of your device or in any other way, but not applied to the photo using a graphic editor;
  3. Create a separate topic in THIS section of the forum and publish your competition submission in it. The name of the topic should contain the nickname and server of your character.

Conditions of the competition:

  • We only accept photos taken specifically for the competition. Photos taken earlier will not be able to participate;
  • One participant can submit only one photo;
  • Any clothing and items are allowed, except for those contrary to ethical and moral standards;
  • Group photos or photos of other people are not allowed;
  • It is forbidden to use graphic editors to overlay non-existent objects and effects on a photo. Only minor photo correction is allowed (for example, adjustment of brightness and contrast parameters, etc.);
  • The jury reserves the right to resolve any controversial issues arising during the competition at its own discretion.

What will be evaluated?

  1. Transformation. The main goal of this competition is to create a truly stunning image;
  2. Theme. Your job should be directly related to the Halloween theme;
  3. Creativity. Experiment with outfits, do not spare ketchup, if you want to become a real vampire, choose interesting angles — you should stand out!
  4. Photo Quality. It is very difficult to evaluate works where it is difficult to see something due to poor image quality.

What about the awards?


Mister & Miss Median Night: 25,000 Miracle Coins + any Horror Circus costume to choose from + unique golden forum badge

Vice Mister & Vice Miss Median Night: 20,000 Miracle Coins + 50 Elixirs of Seeker's Stamina + unique silver forum badge

Mister and Miss Originality, King and Queen of Fear, Pumpkin King and Queen: 15,000 Miracle Coins + 30 Elixirs of Seeker's Stamina + unique bronze forum badge.


Description of nominations:


Mister and Miss Median Night are the unconditional favorites who will present the best photos based on a combination of factors.


Vice Mister and Vice Miss Median Night are silver medalists of the competition, who will present some of the best works based on a combination of factors.


Mister and Miss Originality is a bronze nomination for the most creative works that can stand out from the rest of the participants.


The King and Queen of Fear is a bronze nomination, in which those participants will be awarded whose work can really scare our jury.


Pumpkin King and Queen is a bronze nomination, the main criterion of which will be the pumpkin carving as the main decoration of your photo. But do not forget that you must also be present in the frame.


Also, do not forget about the Incentive prizes, which we will award to the participants who almost reached the prize places.


The competition starts right now and will last until November 10. After that, within a week, by November 17, we will determine the winners and publish the results.


Happy Median Night!


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