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Hide And Seek in Birthday Guild vs Guild


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Hope you will enjoy a video where we got bored just camping a soul in camp for 30min and decided to farm our enemies in their own camps instead! :greedy:




Nickname: Vladeath

Server: EU-Emerald

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great video but i think you should reconsider your editing to add commentary


Video requirements:

  • This should not be just a game video, your comments are required, as well as a meaningful gameplay: passing a dungeon, fighting a boss, completing a chain of tasks, participating in a battle for territories, etc. Simply put - it should have a plot;
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Hey there,


In my humble opinion, in game commentary and a webcam shouldn't be a requirement but if the other contestants will implement this features I will accept my defeat. At the moment I'm very comfortable with just editing, and I'm still trying to improve this skill. In the near future, I will consider applying what you suggested. Thanks a lot for your feedback, and I'm glad you like my video nevertheless. ^^

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