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New player with General game questions

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Just starting the game today, and was interested with a few things:


If I play with some friends of mine, are we all going to want to play the same faction/race? Theres very little info about the game I can find online, so I wasn't sure if the factions are warring and pvp is always on amongst them or if you can party with other races?


I noticed this game has a cash shop... Is it pay 2 win? Or are there cosmetic only items in the shop?


Level 20 is the max level correct?




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Hello and welcome to Warspear Online!


The game consists of two sides: the Legion and the Sentinels. Legion is the "dark side" and consists of the Mountain Clans and the Forsaken, whereas Sentinels are the union of the Firstborn and the Chosen. You are able to communicate, trade or interact only with a player of a friendly faction. For example, the Forsaken can't talk or sell items to Chosen, as they are enemy factions. PvPs and wars are possible later in the game after completing the initial island.


Yes, Warspear is prety much a pay to win game. You don't have to use any real money, but it brings huge advantages and not just a nice looking character.


And yes. At the moment 20 is the highest achievable level. However, they are planning to raise it up to level 30 in the near future.


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Thanks for the reply, i like the sound of the factions, but hearing it is pay2win is gross.


Prolly wont play it then.


Thanks for the info


Well supposedly the strongest player on US sapphire has not spent a penny on the game, but he did play alot.
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Well i was interested in the game, until i noticed there were more than just cosmetics in the cash shop.


Can someone give me an idea as to (To someone who doesn't know about the mechanics of the game) whats pay2win in it? I heard something about enchanting items?


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Pay to win: you can buy "sign of impreshability and Spehere of defence/damage" and enchant your all gear + weapon to +9/10, in that case you will have a lot dmg and def. You can buy those items (to enchant) from miracle shop - for miracle coins - for $$$, but also you can earn gold from the game by farming, questing etc and buy those items from another players.



Buying miracle coins make that you can get everything very fast. But if you reallly want - you can get everything just for gold from the game, without spending any $$$.



So basically: if you have a lot of $$ (in fact veeeery much $) you can be pro amped, it won't make you pro player, but will help a lot.  ;)



You can become pro player and pro amped by farming, questing etc, but it will take a lot of time (seriously, very long)



To be honest, there is one thing you need to know: You don't need to be high amped to enjoy the game; you can complete all quests with weapon +6 and +0 gear (sometimes you need help of other players - which is normal). Amping just make it easier/faster and also help at arena or in "instances".

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