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Help me im "stuck"


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hello devs i need help , REALLY need help because im stuck ,so this is what happen


i have warlock lvl 10 and i was running a quest "sarcofagus" and i "accidentally" pick some item quest that i think it's unnecessary it was hammer blacksmith , stone , clerk pen and paper ,all of those item is i can't drop ..and all my bag now full with item quest that are unable to drop so can you help me "hack" trough my bag and drop one of those hammer or stone that i can't drop so i can buy a new bag ?i'll show the image in here so you can see im really stuck i can't do anything ,please help me ?


my id is [email protected] with nickname Loonatic


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You can try with sponsporpay or tapjoy to get some free mcoins, then you can buy a bag with 1 mcoin. You dont need bagspace for that.

Other way can be to cancel the quest and do it again.

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Or if you don't want to buy extra pockets, you can cancel the quest and only pick the right items on your second try.

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