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Hi everyone, im a rogue in Sea-Pearl and im here to share a big problem.


A new event appear that need to alliance fight each other ( elf vs mc) but everyone know  that elf are really more than mc we can see that by guild rating, war score etc mc are losing alot and then with this new event elf will be able to won every time the buff and chest  and that will make them more strong and this are really bad for mc player... 


Even in test server elf destroy mc quickly so we need something that will help mc. 



In sea pearl almost 20 elf have 2-4 pcs of mermen set in mc side there are only my rogue have 1 pcs of mermen set in all mc side. 


Please I know some people here will say that mc are egal to elf but i 100% that people are using elf only as main so don't think about you only and think about all mc. 



Megakr / rogue lvl 32 / top 5 Achieve of the server

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