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Log on invincibility

Corona virus

Is this a good idea?  

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  1. 1. Is this a good idea?

    • Yes, I hate being spawn trapped.
    • No, being spawn trapped is not that bad.
    • Its not a spawn trap if they don't know you are going to spawn.
    • Spawn trapping is annoying but this won't help.
    • I don't get spawn trapped

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I think that there a player should be invincible for the first few seconds of a log on similar to when they come back from arena. This will stoo people from being spawn trapped and it will allow them to move around easier. (Obviousley if they pot, attack, skill, or wait too long it goes away), ty ;D

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Lol, when you come from arena you will get "blue wing" symbol for 5 seconds. Blue wing symbol gives you invicible for that time. So it doesn't matter if you get hit in those 5 seconds, just runaway. If you want invisibility after we log in, its too op then. People just start spam log in and out in wars. So my answer is no

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