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  1. @Rapgear Hi Rap, I think u misunderstood the whole thing. Gradex is not a rich guy. (Correct me if I'm wrong :blush: )
  2. It's not an error. If not enough demands from same lvl as u (5-6, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 17-18)there is a +-2 lvl difference in arena. so what u experienced is normal. Sux like hell tho :unknw:
  3. [MC] Berengars Testicles 30/03/2012
  4. If they havent done anything wrong it might be a bug. Has happened to me too. I got muted even tho I hadent said anything at all. Are they still muted or is it back to normal now?
  5. [MC] Fishermen Village, Elder Beyn 28/03/2012
  6. [MC] Silty Floodplain, Gordir (in cave west of Legion Camp) 27/03/2012
  7. Shamerman

    Level question

    Hi. the lvl groupings in arena are 4-6, 7-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18 and 19-20. But there is a +- diff in arena lvl, so what happened to u in arena isnt strange. meaning 2 lvl 6 can meet 2 lvl 7 if not enough demands within respective grouping. This is somewhat idiotic but we have to live with it. hahahaha. Hope u understand what I mean. :) and P.s What Fizaa says... Dont buy too much gear until u get to lvl 9. most weapons and armour before lvl 9 is just waste of gold. so try and lvl up to 9 as soon as possible. Good luck
  8. [MC] Bandit Ridge, Vistain 25/03/2012 (well done Merc ;) )
  9. [MC] However... I got relic q today. It's up in Bitter Ashes Island, Hyarvard (again) Maybe I'm :pleasantry: special? ;D 24/03/2012
  10. Hey Tess. First of all, is ur char mc or fb? and what char name do u have? It will be easier to find u in the game if we know who u are. Many ppl are willing to help u out so dont worry. We're all a bit confused in the beginning. Hope u get the hang of things soon and that u have a great time. Good luck. :)
  11. :clapping: :good: thnx for sharing ur story
  12. [MC] Bitter Ashes Island, Hyarvard 23/03/2012
  13. [FB] Black Mist Island, Uter 23/03/2012
  14. Shamerman


    It's a Well Tried Composite bow I think. bg drop. Hope I'm right :blush: hahahahha
  15. Exactly, inv as a pm or in mailbox. Not taking over the gameplay. thank u Irongear & Merc. :give_rose:
  16. Are we just 2 or 3 ppl that think the party inv is annoying? And on top of the party inv u get thrown into arena without wanting it. Hope any devs read this. I wont bump it anymore. ;)
  17. Have the same problem. Crowded place and empty. Slow net and dc. And it pisses me off big time when I cant go through crossings and die by mobs. (costs a lot to repair that shit)
  18. [FB] Somarra Village, Melia 21/03/2012
  19. [FB] Senile Chris, Nornakon Center 20/03/2012
  20. The quest Berengar's Tractate is located in every elfcamp (if u are mc). U have to talk to the Buyer up of chainless league located in enemy camps. That is the q. Have fun. ;)
  21. just a little comment here.. Many ppl seem to think that Kuzmitch is the almighty god of Warspear. In game and in forum I see ppl talking about Kuz. It is not Kuzmitch that make the changes. Devs/mods, plz correct me if I'm wrong ;) If Kuzmitch is the almight god of warspear I sincerely apologize for trying to be smart here... ;D The duel idea tho is an interesting thing. :) Could also be a good thing for teaching/learning how to improve ur char.
  22. [FB] Uter, Black Mist Island 19/03/2012
  23. Description on how to do the Santuary q: Make a good party where all have the q. Enter Sanctuaries and start plowing through all nice mobs. May have to bring pots on the way. Slow connection is not to recommend. Ohh.... and have some free bagspace too. And as Sulla and Marcin says in earlier posts, if MC, start with Spear and go to next altar in list. And bring some good mood and patience, it takes a little time to complete. Have fun!! ;D
  24. It will sure be interesting with new factions. I will try them out and see if they are any fun. But probably stay with what I have now.
  25. Yes, agree with this. and if in party all must agree to go arena.. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=57805.0
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