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  1. @Rapgear Hi Rap, I think u misunderstood the whole thing. Gradex is not a rich guy. (Correct me if I'm wrong :blush: )
  2. It's not an error. If not enough demands from same lvl as u (5-6, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 17-18)there is a +-2 lvl difference in arena. so what u experienced is normal. Sux like hell tho :unknw:
  3. [MC] Berengars Testicles 30/03/2012
  4. If they havent done anything wrong it might be a bug. Has happened to me too. I got muted even tho I hadent said anything at all. Are they still muted or is it back to normal now?
  5. [MC] Fishermen Village, Elder Beyn 28/03/2012
  6. [MC] Silty Floodplain, Gordir (in cave west of Legion Camp) 27/03/2012
  7. Shamerman

    Level question

    Hi. the lvl groupings in arena are 4-6, 7-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18 and 19-20. But there is a +- diff in arena lvl, so what happened to u in arena isnt strange. meaning 2 lvl 6 can meet 2 lvl 7 if not enough demands within respective grouping. This is somewhat idiotic but we have to live with it. hahahaha. Hope u understand what I mean. :) and P.s What Fizaa says... Dont buy too much gear until u get to lvl 9. most weapons and armour before lvl 9 is just waste of gold. so try and lvl up to 9 as soon as possible. Good luck
  8. [MC] Bandit Ridge, Vistain 25/03/2012 (well done Merc ;) )
  9. [MC] However... I got relic q today. It's up in Bitter Ashes Island, Hyarvard (again) Maybe I'm :pleasantry: special? ;D 24/03/2012
  10. Hey Tess. First of all, is ur char mc or fb? and what char name do u have? It will be easier to find u in the game if we know who u are. Many ppl are willing to help u out so dont worry. We're all a bit confused in the beginning. Hope u get the hang of things soon and that u have a great time. Good luck. :)
  11. :clapping: :good: thnx for sharing ur story
  12. [MC] Bitter Ashes Island, Hyarvard 23/03/2012
  13. [FB] Black Mist Island, Uter 23/03/2012
  14. Shamerman


    It's a Well Tried Composite bow I think. bg drop. Hope I'm right :blush: hahahahha
  15. Exactly, inv as a pm or in mailbox. Not taking over the gameplay. thank u Irongear & Merc. :give_rose:
  16. Are we just 2 or 3 ppl that think the party inv is annoying? And on top of the party inv u get thrown into arena without wanting it. Hope any devs read this. I wont bump it anymore. ;)
  17. Have the same problem. Crowded place and empty. Slow net and dc. And it pisses me off big time when I cant go through crossings and die by mobs. (costs a lot to repair that shit)
  18. [FB] Somarra Village, Melia 21/03/2012
  19. [FB] Senile Chris, Nornakon Center 20/03/2012
  20. The quest Berengar's Tractate is located in every elfcamp (if u are mc). U have to talk to the Buyer up of chainless league located in enemy camps. That is the q. Have fun. ;)
  21. just a little comment here.. Many ppl seem to think that Kuzmitch is the almighty god of Warspear. In game and in forum I see ppl talking about Kuz. It is not Kuzmitch that make the changes. Devs/mods, plz correct me if I'm wrong ;) If Kuzmitch is the almight god of warspear I sincerely apologize for trying to be smart here... ;D The duel idea tho is an interesting thing. :) Could also be a good thing for teaching/learning how to improve ur char.
  22. [FB] Uter, Black Mist Island 19/03/2012
  23. It will sure be interesting with new factions. I will try them out and see if they are any fun. But probably stay with what I have now.
  24. Yes, agree with this. and if in party all must agree to go arena.. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=57805.0
  25. [MC] Armour Cliff, Tavern 18/03/2012
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