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DK New Skill Suggestion Pixel art

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20 hours ago, XreaperX said:

so what does it do?


yeah what does it do? @warspearfanatic

it look to me as some sort of minion that is stuck to you, wouldn't benefit dk that much depending on what it do


well if its some kind of armor then it might work, here's my take on it!


Dark Guardian

Envelope the death knight with a skeleton armor causing any damage received to be transferred to the armor.

any skill used by the death knight will instead be casted on the armor, the armor attack the same target the death knight is attacking and will deal damage to all enemy's 1 yard from the initial target, although the armor is melee it will have 2-3 yard reach do to its long hand's, leveling the skill will increase the armor health and duration of effect, if the skill is maxed, any skill used by death knight will be casted on both him and the armor


might of went overboard but hey its a suggestion

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