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Rules of the section


Dear friends!


Finally but not tardily, a fresh space entirely dedicated to gathering all creativity of our community has been created! Here you will be able to show your finest skills, get feedback from our team and other players, publish concepts for our game, comics, tell us stories about your adventures in Arinar and a whole new world of possibilities where boundaries are only the reach of your imagination!


We take your ideas seriously and it's quite possible for some of them to become an official content in the future, or receive other mean of support from us. For this reason, it's a must that all content posted in this section will follow the rules below:


All content should be original and related to Warspear online; 
(exact copies or adaptation from existing characters/authors are okay, if the original art name or web address is credited/mentioned)


Prohibited content:

  • Obscene / Vulgar language; 
  • Explicit content / Pornography;
  • Promote racial/ethnic hatred;
  • Insultingly refer to any aspect of sexual orientation;
  • Duplicate content;
  • Real-life information and personal data;
  •  Advertising of other games or websites;
    (if you're an artist, you may share your online address along your post, since it doesn't promote forbidden content)

P.S. We are not responsible for the use of any content posted in this section outside the forum.



 We look forward to seeing your brilliant ideas!

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