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Hate to repeat but. . .

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You know how worse experience you have playing a pala, every melee class have a seondary damage skill but we palads are having nothing, If you tell me about the foj+purify combo, Do you think 30x3 would even bother the opponent? At for lv4 foj I hit just 30, this is so ridiculous. :wacko:


We want a fair amount of damage too :diablo:


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Guest XthekingX

Paladin didnt made for 1v1 (only if you got hight ench armor + wepone )


It made for tank and for support others chars


And as you see . Paladin most used to tank bosses and to run or kill adds at lab


That why they added a heal skill for him.


So if you wanna a char can kill easy . You most chosse barb  :)

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Guest XthekingX

:dirol: yeah Paladin is for support..not for pvp....I saw in arena....5 paladin destroy the entire rogue coz of their yellow skill :facepalm: :facepalm:




Paladin use that yellow skill( as you call it ;) )


For block adds . Specilly at lab. It help to run fast


If you had a paladin with alot defend and sheild. You can run eye easilly  ;)

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